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10 Best Messaging Apps for Large Group Communications

Maintaining clear communication within a team is a necessary element for the successful completion of any task in an organization. Also, keeping all the team members well informed about any update within the business enterprise is an important task. An enterprise always looks for better team communication solutions and writing emails for each and every update is tedious as well as outdated. 

Chat simplifies and makes communication seamless between members of an organization. Thus, most enterprises are using safe and efficient chat apps that ensure quick communication. These applications help in organizing team tasks in a more efficient manner. They also help in ensuring continuous collaboration while providing a platform to exchange ideas and peer reviews. 

Business chat apps have thus become important for deployment in almost every organization. Choosing the right one, however, is a major concern since there are numerous apps available in the market. Keep on reading to learn about the best business chat apps for team collaboration. 

Top messaging apps created for handling and managing large group communication are:

1. Kaizala: Microsoft Kaizala offers seamless onboarding of a large network of employees, vendors, suppliers, and consumers, ensuring effective communication. Users can engage in 1:1 chat as well as group chats. There is no limitation on the number of members that can be added to a group, making it perfect for communication across big networks. The inbuilt action cards can be used to assign jobs, track attendance, conduct quick polls and surveys, and much more. The app provides enterprise level security and encryption and is compatible with both Android and iOS. 

2. Telegram: Telegram is a secure messaging app that sends messages for free by using mobile data or a wi-fi connection. Its biggest plus point is security and encryption for all media, including chats, groups. The app is supported on all devices and is available on Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux. 

3. Troop Messenger: Troop messenger is a professional messaging app that is used for team collaboration. It’s a comprehensive instant messaging app specially designed for business purposes, is user-friendly, and has all kinds of contemporary features that help in upgrading team communication to the next level. It has numerous amazing features like audio call, video call, groups, screen sharing, end-to-end encryption, pin users, and much more.     

4. Google Hangouts: One of the most famous apps is Google Hangouts. This messaging platform is specially built for teams. It enables a team to get their work done in the simplest manner in one place and allows for direct messages, group conversations, and team collaboration. It also provides an option for threaded conversations that makes chats easy to track. Thus, noting task progress and task follow up becomes simple.

5. Basecamp: This is a project management app that offers a simple set up for organizations and is accessible on both phone and browser. It has amazing tools such as colleague message and chat, document and file creation and uploading, regular group check-in, and much more. 

6. Podio: A project management and collaboration app that helps in creating the right focus and clarity that an organization needs to get work done in the best way. It offers fast and easy communication, a customized structure for easy operation, an action-oriented overview, a centralized work hub, and robust workflow. 

7.  EZ Talks: This app has enhanced productivity with rich video collaboration features such as file & screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, HD video & audio, instant messaging, video webinar, and much more. It offers trusted web and video conferencing solutions. EZ Talks has cloud and on-premise software along with diverse features like HD video/audio chat, IM screenshot, etc. The app also offers integrated, high-quality video conferencing. 

8. Redbooth: Helps in organizing and managing an organization’s work in a seamless manner. Redbooth aids in managing tasks and communication so that projects get completed in the fastest and easiest manner. It also helps in organizing, communicating, and visualizing an organization’s tasks. 

9. Flowdock: An app that helps in consolidating your conversations in one place. Flowdock is made to solve problems, help prioritize work, provide search across teams, and much more. Among other services, it can be used as a team chat room. 

10. Grove IRC: This app has a special archive feature. The chats are archived and easily searchable. There is an option for turning off logging for certain channels if you prefer. 

Tools capable of handling and managing large group communication are vital for enterprises of all sizes. The above noted apps provide exactly that. They enhance communication, improve productivity and help organizations better connect to employees, suppliers, vendors and the end consumer.

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