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How Guest Blogging can Get You More Traffic: Take a Look

We all know that traffic is the fuel of any online business. Without traffic, not a single online business can run profitably. 

There are different strategies that you can implement for driving traffic to your blog, like paid ads, social sharing, etc. But, have you ever thought about guest blogging to get more traffic? Well, guest blogging is considered the easiest way to get a lot of targeted traffic to your website. 

But, the most common thing is that people don’t know how to get traffic using guest posting. 

If you are one of them then, stick till the end of this article. Inside this post, we are going to discuss the step by step process of getting traffic to your blog using guest posting.

Understand the “Real Meaning” of Guest Posting

Do you know the real meaning of guest posting? Many digital marketers often think that guest blogging is the process of posting your post on other authority blogs within your niche for getting backlinks. 

You may be thinking what’s wrong with this definition? The definition is right, but the small purpose of building just backlinks can leave you nowhere in the competitive digital marketing world.

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So, what must be your vision behind guest posting? 

The goal behind guest posting is building your authority, credibility, and community in your niche. And, at the same time, building backlinks and improving the SEO of your website. 

Once you understand the valuable things in the above paragraph, then, you are set to do guest blogging. 

As per the stats, 76% of editors publish 1 to 10 guest posts each week. 

Now, what is the first step?

Identify your customer

Suppose you have a website in the pet niche – then people looking for information about  pets are your customers. 

If you post a guest post related to pets on a technology blog, then you derive no benefit from your published article. Hence, identifying your targeted audience and customer is the first step that you have to consider. 

Find the guest post target

Once you have identified your customer, it is time to find your guest post target. Here, the guest post target means searching the authority websites in your niche. 

Tips for finding authority blogs in your niche:

1. Search on Google

You can type your “keyword” + “write for us” in the Google search box. Once you do this, you will see all the top websites, which are ranked for the given keyword. 

You can use the following search strings for finding your guest post targets:

  • Your keyword “guest blogger.”
  • Your keyword “submit a guest post.”
  • Your keyword “write for us.”
  • Your keyword “submit a post.”
  • Your keyword “guest writers.”
  • Your keyword “want to write for.”
  • Your keyword “guest post opportunities.”

These are the few searches that you can do to find guest post targets in the most appropriate way.


2. is the perfect website to find the top blogs in every niche. So, just enter your keyword to find the best blogs in your industry. 

Choose the right website

The next step is picking the right site that can accept your blog post. To do this, follow the checklist below:

  • The website must have high domain authority and page rank
  • Only quality articles must be published on it
  • It must have substantial social media following 
  • It must be getting high-quality traffic

Check whether the website that you have selected meets the above conditions.

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Find the winning topic

The next step is finding the winning topic. Once you have selected any blog for guest posting, you can usually find popular blog posts in the right sidebar of the blog. 

If you don’t see popular topics on the site, you can use AHREFS to find the topics that have performed well. 

Once you find the best article, see how it is written and find the keywords for which it is ranking on Google. 

Now, go to the BuzzSumo to find the latest trending topics in your niche. Most authority sites like guest posts on topics that are currently trending. 

This is how you can find a unique, trending and attractive topic for your guest post. 

Catch attention

Catching the attention of a website owner is an essential step for guest posting. To get attention, you can comment on recent posts or share the site’s content on social media platforms. 

While sharing content, make sure you are tagging at the same time. 

Send an email

While making your pitch, make sure to send an e-mail that separates you from others. The most common mistake that people make is not using a professional mail address when sending the email. 

In the mail, you can also mention three topic ideas that you could write about. Try to keep your email as brief as possible. 

Once you have received a response with an approved topic, you can move forward. 

Start writing

After getting a positive signal from a blog owner, start writing on your topic. 

Before writing, be sure you are familiar with the blog’s guest post guidelines.

Once you have read their rules, you can begin writing. How many of you agree that “length is a strength?”

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In the field of blogging, you have to write valuable content that is longer rather than shorter. Authority websites love to publish long form guest posts which are more likely to raise their website’s ranking. 

What about the quality?

You might have heard the phrase,“Content is the King”. So, keep that in mind. Write content that will attract an audience and compel them to share it on various platforms. Insanely actionable content is always recommended. 

Add internal links

An article or content should have Internal links because they help improve the SEO of a site. Inside your blog post, you can link to some other content that is present on the site. 

Don’t just write content, add images related to the topic inside your guest post as well. The presence of graphics gives your content more engagement and attraction.

After writing the entire article, proofread it and check it in any grammar check tool, then send your guest post to the blog owner and wait till he or she publishes it.

As soon as your article is published, send a “Thank You” note to the blog owner for giving you an opportunity to guest post. 

In your author bio, which is generally included at the end of your post, add some compelling text that will attract visitors to drop by your website or blog. 

Final Words

Use the above tips to increase your blog traffic via guest posting. The interesting thing about guest blogging is that it can skyrocket your traffic within 3 or 4 days of being published.

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