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What Will the Future of SEO Look Like?

SEO is one of the most important parts of attracting organic traffic to your website and having a higher rank on search engines. Over time, the rules of SEO change and evolve which makes it necessary to stay updated on the latest trends to ensure you continue to stand out among your competitors. Here is a bit of insight on what the future of SEO will look like and the changes you’ll need to make for your brand to succeed online.

Smarter Crawlers

Web crawlers are now getting smarter and will be capable of more accurately identifying smart information. Pages should include more than a few meta tags and script tags, or the search engine will think that the page is blank. Experts recommend adding new keywords and keeping everything fresh which the crawlers will recognize. Links will also be recognized, which makes it necessary to link to a higher-ranking website to boost the value of your own site. Crawlers now have the ability to render the page and are gaining a more programmatic understanding to emulate the user better.

Voice Search

An increasing number of people are relying on voice search to look up information on the internet, whether through their home assistant or their smartphone device. Websites need to accommodate voice searches by including natural keywords that are longer. SEO experts will begin to rework content to make it sound like it was entered verbally. It’s important to begin brainstorming the type of questions that visitors will ask and these should become page headings on the website. The content should be brief and utilize lists and bullet points, which will be easier for users to digest.

Website Speed

Google and other search engines will begin to rank websites higher if they load quickly and improve the user experience. Keep in mind that most people will move on to another website if yours takes more than a few seconds to load. You’ll want to make sure that there aren’t too many elements on your homepage that cause it to load slowly, like uncompressed photos. Internet users prefer to explore websites quickly and having a fast loading site will keep them reading your content for a longer period of time. 

Quality Content

Quality content will continue to influence how high websites rank and how much time visitors are likely to spend browsing your pages. The content should not include any filler and should be informative to ensure the audience walks away learning something new. Updating content weekly will be necessary to ensure that your readers continue to visit the website regularly, which can also generate more brand queries.

Local SEO Will Grow

It’s important for businesses to be more specific about their exact location. Instead of communicating an area where they’re located, it’s essential to add cross streets to make the business easier to find for those who are conducting searches throughout the city. Online reviews heavily impact local SEO which will change the demographics of the people visiting your page.

Mobile Optimization

Smartphones are now being used more than computers to perform searches which will make mobile optimization an SEO trend in the coming years. Smartphones are portable and faster, which makes them ideal to use for performing searches while on the go anywhere in the world. Google and similar search engines are making mobile indexing more of a priority. Although sites lacking an isolated mobile version won’t be penalized, you have a better chance of ranking higher if your website is quick to load on smartphones thus ensuring that more people spend time reviewing your content. Web developers are now creating more phone-friendly websites to adapt to this change in device usage. At this time, more research is needed to determine the type of keywords users are typing in on their smartphones.


More people are watching videos online which makes it necessary to include more videos and multimedia on your website, if you want to rank higher while incorporating SEO. Videos should be relevant to your product or the industry you’re in to ensure they enhance the quality of your website and provide visitors with new information that is easy to retain. Videos can even be shared if they contain valuable info which will allow more people to be exposed to your website through your readers. 

Understanding what the future of SEO holds can allow you to make the necessary changes to your website and ensure that you continue to stand out on the internet and are easy to find for those who are conducting searches each day. Staying updated on the latest algorithms and trends is key to succeeding and attracting more visitors to your page.

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