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Why C#? –  7 Important Factors That Will Convince You

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It is an easy question to answer and I will begin by saying if you are a programmer, web developer or a coder enthusiast who wants to make a name for themselves in the competitive world of programming and web development then you have to learn C#.

C# is one of the simplest programming languages and most popular one in the market right now. The reputed language was the brainchild of Anders Hejlsberg who was working for Microsoft at the time. In general, C# is recognized as a contemporary, dynamic, flexible, secure and an object-oriented language which is of an open source nature.

As said, it is a contemporary language which is compatible with the trendiest features and functionalities helping to build reliable, scalable and secure industry standard software apps. It comes equipped with standard object-oriented programming features including the likes of polymorphism, inheritance and encapsulation. Apart from the conventional data types, C# supports all the latest complex data types and functionalities like extension methods, lambda expressions, partial classes, asynchronous programming, tuples and anonymous types.

7 important factors

Easy to understand

As a beginner to the coding world C# will be a good stepping stone as you can easily grasp a wide array of concepts. Since it is a highly reputed language, you can easily find a good C# training to start your learning. And for the advanced learners who are well equipped with C or Java already, C# will not be arduous at all as they share many basic functionalities and program structures.


C# is one of the most dynamic programming languages around. The language can be executed to build the following:

  • Windows client apps using WPF, UWP and Windows Forms
  • Native Android and iOS mobile apps via Xamarin
  • Components, console apps and libraries
  • Web apps via ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET
  • Azure and Cloud apps
  • Blockchain apps
  • Interoperability, integration and data services
  • Games (Unity)
  • Robot applications

C# plays host to all these applications and a lot more. Hence, it is experiencing a consistent rise in popularity in the tech market.

Powerful Development Tools

One of the factors why people are using .NET or C# is that it comes equipped with a robust toolkit provided by Microsoft, which enables developers to build high octane programs. One such critical tool provided is the Visual Studio. It has a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which offers tools that support testing, performance analysis, program development, deployment, debugging, to name a few.


Since it is developed by Microsoft the future of this programming language is very secure and bright. With Microsoft backing it, the language will keep making endless iterations and add useful features to support its product. The tech giant also provides support when it comes to smooth integration with some of the other MS technologies and tools such as Azure, cloud computing, MS SQL server, etc. This increases its usability and likability and therefore it is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages and is here to stay.

Simple Programming Process

The fact that C# is a compiled, statically typed language does not make it unique but what makes it unique is that it comes from dynamically typed languages like Ruby, Python, PHP, etc. Static typing powers, finding definitions, code completion, safe refactorings, code references, etc. are features of C# that makes the process of programming less cumbersome than it is.

Language of Few Words

C# is one of those programming languages which use only a handful of words, including terms known as keywords. Keywords help define the functionality of the language. Majority of these keywords are used to describe the information required. You might think that a language with more keywords would be more powerful, but that is not correct. Once you start learning C#, you realize how powerful the language is with limited words.

Object Oriented

Important factors for an object-oriented language are encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. C# has it all. Encapsulation is the insertion of functionality into a single package. Inheritance is an organized way of allowing existing code and functionality into new programs and packages. Polymorphism is the ability of an object to take on many forms. Although these concepts are complicated , C# incorporates these  with ease.

So if you want to acquire a skill set that allows you to get a high paying job in the programming world then get yourself enrolled in a C# course to get your C# certification today.

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