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Tips on How to Create Quality, Engaging Video Content for Your Brand

This year, around 93% of users prioritize video. Also, 78% of marketers can enjoy more traffic to their websites if they have high-quality, engaging video content. Video has become not only an integral part of everyone’s lives but also a critical tool for business promotion.

The consensus is this – people are visual. A site visitor is more likely to bounce it if all he or she can see is text. Pictures can also capture attention, but a minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words. Your consumers will only likely retain 10% of your message when presented in text, but 95% when watching a video.

Determine Your Goals

Knowing the advantage of videos makes you want to post a video on your website right away. But just posting a video on your site won’t cut it. Start with determining your goals and using that to create a solid strategy. When you know your goals, you can determine the right types of videos to produce, where to post, how to promote, etc.

You need to know where you are going to get there. Some of the common goals behind video marketing include:

  • Generating sales
  • Growing market sales
  • Launching new products or services
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Connecting with customers
  • Building lasting relationships, etc. 

Know Your Competitors

Once you know your goals, your next move is to choose the right video to achieve those goals. However, we advise that you conduct competitor research before that. Collect and analyze as much information as you can about rival firms using tools such as Facebook Insights, Snaplytics, get acquainted with SEMRush detailed review, and others to learn about your competitors.

Videos are useful in many ways, such as when you share on social media or post a clip on YouTube. The problem is your competitors are doing the same thing, and that reduces your chances for success. Through competitor analysis, you can overcome the competition using their strengths, weaknesses, achievements, and failures.

Learn New Video Editors

If there’s one thing that can make or break a video for your brand, it’s the editing. Hiring a professional editor can significantly help you, but sometimes you only need to learn how to use video editors. Some of the best free video editing software today include Blender, Lightworks, Shotcut, and Avidemux.

They come packed with amazing features ideal for polishing your clips. Their most significant advantage is they are free, which is a huge money saver for a small business. Besides taking advantage of these tools, make sure to learn the basics of video editing. Practice as much as you can, and start with good footage. 

Choose the Correct Type of Video 

There are different types of marketing videos but not all of them are right for your message. When choosing the correct video content, consider your goals, your target market, and the story you want to tell. These three will narrow down the choices for you, whether to create a Testimonial video, Event Recap Video, Explainer Video, etc.

Presentation and Tutorial are two of the most common video content. Online Video benefits include educating your audience about your product or service. They are also great at captivating the attention of your audience. Consumers value helpful information, and a video is an excellent way to show how you can help them.

Review the Video Content – The Text and Talking Points

You’re creating a video to tell a story with your product or service as the protagonist. Planning is critical in video production to solidify the goals, concept, and script of your video. But even after careful planning, a review of the video after the production is vital to ensure you covered all the necessary talking points.

Take the time to comb through the footage to make sure you developed your idea well. Ensure that you have presented your message as clearly and concisely as possible. Also, it can genuinely help your audience. Remember that the content of your video is more important than the video quality, so keep your focus on that. 

Live Stream Your Video 

Live streaming is a rapidly growing video production tool you can’t afford to miss in your strategy. Videos are already interactive and engaging on their own, but live videos reign supreme. That’s because they create a sense of urgency for the audience, creating a ‘click-now’ mentality. 

There is also the fact that live streaming is the latest trend, meaning it’s the hype. Its interactivity presents an opportunity for you to create a more meaningful connection with your audience with direct feedback. It encourages action, authenticates your brand, and is an excellent fit for your future marketing plan. 


Video marketing is now more widespread and affordable than ever before, making it easier for small businesses to adopt it in their strategy. With a little bit of creativity, understanding of human psychology, and some video editing tools, you can create highly engaging videos at a minimal cost for your brand.

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