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Why Content Distribution is as Important as Content Creation

Your content is the foundation of your business. It is with sticky, quality, and strong content that you can show off your brand, as well as build a trusted place in the viewers’ minds who come across your website. But how do they actually know your website exists? Your product can be amazing, your website may be terrific, and you may have worked very hard to create attractive, useful, very detailed and informed content – and you still may not be even visible to most people searching for a product like yours. So then, what was the point of all that hard work?

Being better than your competitors is imperative, but that information needs to reach your potential buyers first. This is where content distribution comes in – to spread the news about the new fish in the market: you. 

Only with a systematic, and well-aimed distribution of your content will you be seen by your target audience and therefore earn the chance of building trust with your product. 

What is content distribution and how does it work

Content which provides value is good content, but content distribution is what transports it to the ones considering it valuable. With content distribution or content marketing, you create targeted content and show it to the selected audience looking for something just like your business. You do not only provide a simple product description, but you also reach your buyers before they reach you, with a proper game plan.

  • You use targeted keywords to write copy and blog posts which help you in your SEO process, to be on top in the search results. 
  • You design an attractive landing page for your website, giving your audience the first sample of the excellent user experience your product is going to provide.
  • You explain complicated information about your product using simple yet engaging infographics, which in turn, demonstrate your own expertise and knowledge about your product.
  • You create newsletters to ensure you are in touch with your trusted customers via updates, discounts, and new content. In the process, you help increase your sales a substantial amount through purchases and referrals.
  • You write compelling content for your emails to reach out to your existing and potential customers. In today’s digital world, we are all constantly up-to-date with our inbox, yet most of our emails merely add to our boredom. An exciting email is about something we are interested in, which makes us take a second look. That’s why a stimulating email marketing campaign is going to put you right on the map.
  • You make appealing and shareable content specifically for social media and campaign your business by means of websites inevitably browsed everyday.
  • You add quality backlinks to your content, from already established and credible websites, assuring the authenticity of your product. This is how you generate confidence in your potential buyers, and once you are successful in doing so, traffic to your own website is a guarantee.

Why is content distribution so important

Even though it comes under marketing, content distribution is nothing like sales pitches and advertisements. In fact, it is way more effective because your buyers gain more insights about your product, and more importantly, your business ethics. This builds trust which is the most enriching way to overtake your market. Besides, according to Demand Metrics, 90% of all organizations already use content in their marketing campaign, taking full advantage of Google and Big data. Competing in this market will essentially require you to construct a well-qualified content distribution scheme.

Building brand awareness

Targeted content distribution builds awareness about your brand to those who never knew it existed. If you do it right, you can significantly increase traffic coming to your page and consistently make it grow.

Building brand authority

With well-directed content distribution, you can prove how different and better you are than your competitors. No matter how good your product actually is, once your brand’s dominance is established in the viewers’ minds, they think of you first while contemplating a product like yours. That is exactly how you get them to come back to you repeatedly, as well as bring their friends along sometimes.

Getting noticed by targeted viewers

You need to understand that regardless of the quality of your content, in reality, your persistent ROI comes from a few exclusive viewers and not everyone in the world. With content distributed on the appropriate route, you can secure a place in the minds of those few. These are the ones who will remember you and recall you at their need, thus building the foundation of your business.

Retaining your existing customers

A customer is not a one-time deal for you, your business’s growth is almost entirely dependent on how many times they come back for more. With  strategically smart content marketing – newsletters, emails, and new relevant issues addressed in your blogs, you can make customers feel special on a regular basis and keep them interested for a long time.

Converting fresh viewers into potential buyers

For the tourists visting your page to become loyal residents, the first tour matters is critical. A carefully calculated content distribution plan is what creates the magic. 

Saving your marketing costs

Paid ads and outbound marketing are not only hard work, they drain your business account, along with adding an extra risk of irritating and chasing away perfectly apt prospects. On the contrary, studies show content marketing gets 3 times the leads per dollar spent, since informative content marketing seems much more relevant to users, building a deep connection with them. This makes it dramatically more successful, not to mention remarkably cutting the cost of your marketing.

Building evangelists

Since content marketing is much less promotional than other methods of advertising and much more focused towards solving the problems people have, it is an efficient way to get people attached to your brand. This eventually gives rise to loyal evangelists, who spread any news related to your business as far as they can. You reach thousands of potential buyers without them ever really looking for you or making much effort to reach them by yourself.

They say, “content is king”. However, it is only true as long as people can see that content. 

Hence to establish your brand you must deploy a judicious, intelligent, and strong content distribution team. Moreover, since content marketing is associated with the concept of free internet, it will be much easier to make your product stand out not only in your area but globally, at a nominal cost. As much as creating compelling content is important, you definitely should invest more in distributing it in the right manner, if you want your business to outshine everyone. In reality, it is content distribution that is the true king.

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