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How to Increase Your Website Traffic Using Email Signature Marketing

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No matter how long your website exists, promoting it should always be your priority. There are many ways to do so. Starting from classic search engine optimization and ending with Instagram stories, you can target any audience.

However, email marketing is still the most efficient channel, according to Hubspot, that covers all internet users. Apart from getting new leads and converting them to customers, you can use it to promote your home page, landing pages, or blog posts. And one of the most powerful ways to use email marketing is with email signatures. Let’s look closer at what you can really do with your email signature.

What should your email signature look like?

The space below your email message can be used for lots of benefits. Apart from the ‘Best regards’ routine, you can add links to your website, social media profiles, as well as call-to-action (CTA) buttons and banners. The best way to do so is by using an online email signature generator such as Newoldstamp. You don’t need any HTML coding or design skills. Just a bit of your time. Here’s what you can create:

First of all, add your contact information to let your recipients know who is reaching out to them. It adds up to the personalization of your email. Moreover, you can have phone numbers and other email addresses included in an email signature. This way recipients will be able to contact you anytime.

Secondly, having a personal photo in a signature makes it even more personalized. Alternatively, you can add your company logo to increase brand awareness.

Thirdly, including CTA buttons, links, and promo banners transforms your email signature into a whole marketing channel. So, we’re going to describe it a bit better.

How can your email signature promote a website?

No matter what the content of your email is, a signature can always contain something different. For instance, even if you just send payment confirmation, you can add a banner with a link to your blog in your signature. This way, you can promote anything without the need to put it directly into an email body.

So, here’s how you do it.

Adding a link to your email signature

Even this small addition can drastically increase your website traffic. In fact, having a simple linked text looks more human than a sophisticated banner. So, use it for some specific occasions. For automated newsletters, banners are better.

Implementing a CTA button to your signature

Instead of just linking some text to your website, use CTA buttons. If you put the right text on a button, people will subconsciously want to click it. Promote your website with an email signature by adding a button linked to your blog or demo page.

Using an email signature banner

Banners usually take up to 70% of your email signature space. They are the most useful part of your signature for marketing. You can be really creative with a banner, as pretty much anything can be linked to it. If promoting your website, use something like ‘Read our recent blog post’ or ‘Check out our updates.’ Here are some examples to inspire you:

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You can design email signature banners yourself or choose from a gallery of ready-to-use ones. The latter will save you time and resources that can be spent on something more important.

How to perfect your email signature marketing campaign?

Now that you know what to add to your email signature, get the most out of it. Some email signature generators allow you to build whole banner campaigns. This way, you can choose what banner will be displayed in the message depending on a certain variable. For instance, it’s a good idea to advertise your homepage when sending cold emails. If your recipient is already a customer, you should promote some specific blog posts to them. And so on.

In addition to banner campaigns, make sure all your employees use similar email signatures. Once again, online generators are helpful in this regard.  You can create a department with a master signature that will contain essential fields. Then send it to your coworkers to fill in their names and positions.

So, with a proper email signature marketing you can solve a lot of problems, including:

  • Raising your brand awareness through an email communication channel.
  • Creating and installing similar email signatures for all your employees with them having to do practically nothing.
  • Sharing your website content with a free marketing channel – email.
  • Indirectly promoting your blog or landing pages with email communication.

All of these elements are really useful and important for promoting your website. Because apart from directly asking people to visit it with ads, you increase trust in your brand and build up your expertise in the field. Email is the channel all of your leads and customers use daily, and you should always take advantantage of its benefits.

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