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Best Content Marketing Tweaks for Your eCommerce Store

If you have your eCommerce store online, kudos for reaching the milestone. For most people, even starting their own online store becomes difficult. Your job is half done if you have a running an online store. The next big step is marketing. And, if you are selling something online, content becomes the default marketing aspect.

Marketing your content online demands a steady stream of material like guides, articles, and podcasts. And to create this material, one needs ideas; a constant influx of ideas.

Say for a particular month, you might choose to write an article about procrastination. Or you could publish one useful guide, or start a podcast. Ideas are many, execution is the key.

How do we define content marketing?

It can be termed as the act of creating, publishing, and promoting content to attract, engage, and retain customers for the purpose of your business.

Below are some ideas to come up with impeccable content marketing strategies. We will take into consideration strategies targeted for particular months of the year.

Content marketing ideas spread across the span of entire year

1. National Science Fiction Day

This is a speculative fiction that has been made popular for a very long time. It dates back as far as 1818 when Mary Shelley published her novel “Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus.” Science fiction has been at the forefront of popular genres for movies and books; engaging advanced technology and human themes.

Science fiction has helped humans think and ponder about possibilities. It gives us hope for what we can achieve. Science fiction has changed perspectives and shaped societies.

Use the theme of science fiction as a good source for content marketing in the month of January. Let’s say you run an online store that sells books or a store that sells merchandise, you could write an article that describes how science fiction books, television shows, or movies impacted the development of real technologies.

2. National Croissant Day

In France, the country where it originated, Croissants are known as Croissants de Boulanger. It is a type of fermented dough layered with butter and given a succession of folds that create the distinctive profile of classic croissants, originating from the word and shape, crescent.

This makes for a perfect day for one who sells bakery items online or for anyone dealing with food and confectionary. Write articles or blogs, create videos or special recipes about this food. Describe the history and how it originated. This will interest consumers more, eventually tempting them enough to buy from your website.

3. The Spacewalk

Combining a bit of history with science, back in 1965 in the month of March, a Russian cosmonaut became the first person to step out of a spacecraft and float in space. This was a long 12-minute spacewalk and marks an important day in space exploration.

This was one of the greatest feats of human effort and will go down in history for the longest period of time.

In order for you to use this event to your benefit in content marketing, you need to figure out the end-goal of your strategy. You will need to look closely to find a connection to this event with your product. If you are going to provide lifestyle-based content, this story at its face value will be more than enough.

Get inspired by space exploration and connect your products with this event. Space and astronomy has never failed to intrigue people.

4. April Fool’s day: April 1st

Sometimes, for content marketers, April 1st becomes a gold-mine for ideas. It provides an opportunity to create a harmless hoax, a practical joke, or the occasional prank with no restrictions. 

Come up with a product announcement or video which you are sure will entertain your audience of customers and potential customers, and, perhaps, earn some links for SEO sake. If you have a website based on say, for example, Shopify, it would be a great idea to hire shopify developers who will help you create a page on your website for the new product or announcement that makes it look more genuine.

Best April Fool’s marketing examples. Wind, Solar, and Compost powered Chromebooks


Content marketing has immense possibilities and contains a great amount of potential ideas when it comes to attracting customers and gathering more audience. Get the maximum out of your Magento or Shopify eCommerce website development with these precisely targeted content marketing strategies.

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