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Top 5 Reasons to Choose TikTok for Marketing

Since the evolution of Facebook, a tremendous number of startups have invested their time and money in creating “The Next Big Thing.”

Most of them failed. The ones who did succeed, i.e., Instagram and WhatsApp, were bought by Facebook for a fancy amount.

TikTok is an entirely different concept introduced by the Chinese corporation, ByteDance. Today, TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media applications.

It has become the epicenter for talented people to put up videos showing their talents to a greater audience. Unlike any other social media platform, TikTok is also connecting like-minded people around the world.

But, the question is, how can big brands and enterprises leverage this “Big Thing” to upscale their business and elevate their brand value. This article showcases the five most prominent reasons for business giants to include TikTok in their marketing strategy.

Top 5 Reasons for You to Embrace TikTok in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

1. TikTok has Particular Demographics

Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., TikTok is focused mostly on a younger audience. The app provides a millennial-friendly user experience.

A majority of TikTok videos are shot from the front camera. TikTok connects to so many people that it takes less time than other platforms to make a video viral.

Moreover, it offers a state-of-the-art video editing facility that cuts down the cost of video production, studios, and high-level equipment which are essential for posting videos on YouTube or Instagram.

TikTok is an ideal platform for the brands who want to target an audience aged between 13 to 25 years old.

2. TikTok is Growing Rapidly

After being acquired by ByteDance in 2017 and changing its name from ‘’ to ‘TikTok’, the platform has grown quickly. 

According to SensorTower, TikTok surpassed YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat in terms of total app downloads/installs in 2018, one year post-acquisition.

Gary Vaynerchuk, the Chairman of VaynerX and CEO of VaynerMedia, said, “You know, I am pushing everybody towards TikTok because it’s the first platform since Snapchat and Instagram that could become Instagram and Facebook. It is starting to make me feel like it’s going to go and become the new incumbent to Instagram, and if it does, the first-mover advantage will really matter.”

3. Underpriced Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has always been a “thing” for brands to enhance their brand proposition. However, currently, influencer marketing is not a “thing” on TikTok yet.

But, as GaryVee says, the first-mover advantage will matter for a business if it starts to create content right now when the competitors aren’t.

Moreover, creating and editing videos on TikTok is easier than most other video editing tools. Therefore, by applying the right editing and growth hacking skills, you can start a trend on TikTok which is difficult on other platforms.

4. TikTok Fosters Smart Growth

TikTok is doing the same thing with videos that Instagram did with images by introducing filters. Despite being similar to platforms like Instagram, it is growing continuously.

A major reason for its success is the aggressive testing of app features the stakeholders tried in the Chinese Market. The tools are designed in a way to protect users from harassment and misuse.

TikTok provides options to filter undesired attention and to regulate one’s profile privacy and data. Moreover, it educates its users to use the platform effectively.

Other platforms also offer such services; however, they implement them at a later stage. TikTok might have done it because of the FTC investigations that TikTok is undergoing.

5. TikTok is the Ultimate Platform to Create Viral Videos

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, TikTok has less engagement (29%) compared to Instagram (95%), Facebook (96%), YouTube (95%), and Snapchat (95%).

One of the primary reasons for less interaction is the way it interacts with a user. The interaction with the feed is minimal. All a user can do is scroll up or down.

There are more than half a billion active users per month on TikTok watching only videos. It means that if you create an exciting video, the chances of it becoming viral are more likely on TikTok than any other platform.

To conclude, we can say that TikTok is a “low-cost viral video making machine.” TikTok is different than other platforms because of its influencer marketing solution which allows you to target an  unreachable audience.

Final Thoughts

According to Digiday UK, TikTok has started to test with ads. GrubHub is one of the first customers to try it as an ad platform. Users will see the ad with the initial app launch and not while the app is in use.

TikTok is still experimenting with various ad options in order to choose the best one suited to its users. Hence, this is indeed the perfect time for big brands to explore this new platform with new ad campaigns.

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