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How Mobile Apps Are Transforming Health and Fitness

Statistics reveal that users are starting to spend more of their time on mobile apps as compared to websites. In fact, a survey held by Statista reveals that over the past few years, the number of mobile apps in the various app stores has seen a considerable increase.

If you have your smartphone at hand, take a few seconds to open your app store. Type in any random keywords that pop up in your mind (literally, anything), you will come across a mobile app for almost every keyword you type. People are starting to spend more time on mobile apps and businesses want to be where their audience is. So evidently, small businesses, as well as enterprises, are starting to adopt mobile apps. Gaming, fashion, and even the health and fitness industries.

You can find an App for almost any task that you might want to accomplish. If you open the app store, you will come across multiple apps attributed as ‘health and fitness’ mobile applications. Mobile apps are transforming our daily lives by providing new and innovative ways to complete our day-to-day tasks. In this blog post, I’m going to focus on only the ‘health and fitness industry’ and I’m going to show you how mobile apps are revolutionizing the health and fitness sector.

Mobile Apps for Patient Monitoring

Mobile application development companies have developed health apps that can monitor and transmit a patient’s health information to doctors and other medical professionals. Take the example of the app ‘Glucose Buddy’.

Glucose Buddy is a diabetes management app that allows you to log your blood glucose, meals, and medication, and also monitor your blood sugar, insulin, blood pressure, weight, and much more. Diabetic patients can face drastic changes in their diet and blood sugar levels and these statistics can be logged into a long-term exportable copy. Furthermore, this copy can then be shared with others such as your doctor or your family. There are many such apps in the app store, for example, ‘Kardia’. Kardia allows patients to give themselves a professional EKG which can then be shared with their doctors in ‘real-time’. There is no doubt that these apps are potential ‘life saving’ tools. If you’re someone that is suffering from a certain disease, you can search for the right app to test, monitor, log, and share your health condition.

Healthcare Apps for Hospital Management

Healthcare mobile apps can prove to be very beneficial for building better connection and communication between the hospital staff and its various departments. These apps can help create a hassle-free work environment for the staff, faculty, nurses, and most of all for the ‘department of management’. These apps can also be used to monitor the commonly used resources in the faculty such as the ‘temperature’, ‘pressure’, ‘equipment used and their condition’. Monitoring these resources will ensure that you don’t run into shortage issues during emergencies. Furthermore, with the help of these apps, hospital executives can also keep a record of their infrastructure statistics, the number of available rooms, fund-flow, and many other useful logistics. With a quality hospital management app with the above attributes, just imagine the amount of work you can get done. 

Apps for Better Symptom Analysis

Do you remember the last time you took your child to the doctor but couldn’t exactly explain the symptoms that your child was experiencing? A mobile app development company can develop a healthcare mobile app that will eliminate this issue. There are a variety of mobile apps out there that can help you better understand and inform your symptoms to your doctor even before you have made an appointment. All you will have to do is enter the symptoms that you or your family members are experiencing. The app will help you understand what is happening at the early stages and even give you some warning signs to go and visit your doctor.


These apps use a vast database that connects your symptoms with a certain health condition, giving users a good idea of what they might be experiencing. This will help you tackle and diagnose a health problem in its early stages.

Calendars and Reminders

How many times have you left a doctor’s office with a number of directions and paperwork, such as when to take your medicine, how much medicine to take, when to come for appointments and other such aftercare instructions. It is nearly impossible to keep track of all your medications and appointments. This is where a mobile app like ‘MyMedschedule’ comes into the picture. Healthcare mobile application development can help you manage your crazy health and fitness routine. All you will have to do is enter your medications and the time at which you need to take them, the app will effectively remind you when and how to take your medications.

Aside from this, you will also find a number of wellness apps on the app stores. These apps help you monitor your activity such as ‘meditation’, ‘sleeping’, ‘stretching’, or just simple ‘motivational reminders’ to make you get up and get moving. These apps are a perfect solution to help us take care of our body and mental health without distorting our busy lives.

Apps for Fitness Enthusiasts 

People are becoming more and more aware of the need to keep their health and their bodies fit, they are starting to understand that if you want to live a long and healthy life, you will have to make some ‘healthy’ changes. Aside from healthy eating, you also have to adopt a healthy workout routine. There are numerous fitness apps built exclusively for those ‘fitness enthusiasts’. Here are how mobile apps are transforming the fitness industry:


Affordable Fitness

With a quality fitness and healthcare app, you no longer have to go hunting for a yoga class or a gym nearby. Neither will you have to hire expensive trainers to help you maintain your health. You can find a suitable fitness app that meets your needs and get down to exercising.

Monitor Workout Routines 

There are various mobile apps in the app stores that allow you to input data about your daily routine, your fitness goals, and your calorie intake. These fitness apps will then monitor the number of calories you intake and the calories you burn throughout your day. Furthermore, an exceptional mobile application will help you set up ‘realistic goals’ that you can aspire for a healthier lifestyle.

Ensure a Good Diet

There is no doubt that eating the right diet is very important for having a healthy lifestyle. You can find a number of mobile apps out there that can help you in eating healthy food. You will also get to know about a nearby dietary store that you weren’t aware of. Other than this, the app will also let you in on some healthy methods of cooking so that you can easily improve your health.

Wrapping Up:

Health and fitness mobile app development services are a blessing for patients, doctors, as well as fitness enthusiasts. Now that you are aware of some of the top ways that mobile apps are transforming ‘health and fitness’, don’t waste your time and download an app that meets your needs today.

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