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2019’s Top Payment Apps That Help Users to Make Payments Securely

Gone are the days when people carried hard cash when going out for dinner, lunch, or just for a morning coffee with friends. Now, even without a wallet, people can enter a shopping mall and buy different items.

How? Because they have smartphones with them. They can make payments through their smartphones using payment apps. Mobile payment apps allow users to send money directly from their phone, either to a payment terminal for purchasing products or to other people (friends or colleagues) to split bills.

With the increasing craze of mobile payment apps, people are looking for top payment apps that can help them make payments securely. But with an endless list of payment apps available, it can be difficult to choose the right ones that are safe and secure to use. To help with this problem, I am sharing a list of 2019’s top payment apps that are known for their advanced security features.

Using these listed apps, people will find it easy to make payments whether it is in a restaurant, shopping mall, grocery store, or to a friend. Let’s begin.

1. Venmo

Available on Android and iOS platforms, Venmo is the most popular digital wallet app in the USA. This payment app has made it easy to split bills, cab fare and other day-to-day bills and allows users to make payments at shopping centers and send cash instantly to their friends,.

However, the sender and receiver must be living in the US to perform transactions. According to Venmo, it handled over $12 billion transactions in the first quarter of 2018, allowing users to send and receive money on an immediate basis. This payment app also makes it easy for friends to split split bills. 

Here are the top features of the Venmo app:

  • Using Venmo, send and receive money quickly by simply linking to a payment method.
  • It allows users to check out without their wallets. Payments can be made at millions of retail stores on mobile without any fees.
  • Users can make payments securely, entering their bank details with the knowledge their account information is protected.

2. Zelle

Zelle is a United States-based digital payment app that is available for both Android and iOS users, allowing them to send money to their friends and family members in the safest, fastest, and easiest way.

The unique thing about this payment app is that users can send money without even installing the app on their device because they will already have it in their mobile banking or online banking app.

Users can, however, download the app and connect it with their bank account. It is totally free to send and receive money. The top features of Zelle are:

  • A fast and easy way to send and receive money to people whom users trust.
  • Real-time notification and updates.
  • Without asking friends and colleagues face-to-face, users can send a request for money whether it is about splitting bills or anything.
  • The app allows users to make secure payments with just a single click.

3. Google Pay

Google Pay, an app developed by Google, is the most widely used digital wallet platform and  online payment system. This payment app is mainly designed to power in-app and tap-to-pay purchases on mobile devices, allowing users to receive and send money and make payments with Android smartphones, tablets and watches.

According to, this digital wallet app has over 133,000 monthly downloads. The best thing about this payment app is that it takes serious measures to protect a user.

First, the company stores information on its secure servers using strong encryption. Cloud storage and data security is a Google keystone. Here are some top features of the Google Pay app:

  • The app protects users’ payment info with multiple layers of security, using advanced security infrastructures to keep users’ accounts safe.
  • It allows users to keep everything they need to speed through checkout on their phones. It provides all the information that is required.
  • It’s considered to be the simplest and easiest-to-use payment app to send and receive money.

4. Cash

Formerly known as Square Cash, this mobile payment app allows users to transfer money to one another using their smartphone. The Cash app recorded 7 million active users as of February 2018. With this payment app, you can send/receive pending payments from friends, colleagues and directly send that money to your savings account.

Make payments to retailers, grocery stores, medical dispensaries and shopping malls. In fact, users of this app can keep their card details and bank account information safe with face ID, Touch ID or a passcode. Let’s check out some unique features of this wallet app:

  • Face ID, Touch ID and a passcode to keep user data safe and secure.
  • Allows users to make payments within minutes.
  • Supports bitcoin trading.

5. PayPal

PayPal is also a secure digital wallet app to send, receive, and access money from almost anywhere. With this app, users can conveniently pay and receive money from their friends, family members, or colleagues in the U.S. using a bank account or their PayPal balance. Users can pay their share of a bill, send a loved one money or request money from a friend with ease.

Compared to other payment apps, this application is known for its 24/7 transaction monitoring and secure encryption technology that allows users to sit back and relax without bothering about safety. In fact, this app is fingerprint protected, so users can open the app using their fingerprints. Here are some exclusive features of the PayPal app:

  • Users can make payments at almost any shopping website using this app.
  • It offers a 24/7 transaction monitoring feature, allowing users to make payments safely.
  • The app is Passcode and fingerprint protected, so only users can open the app.

6. Circle Pay

Last on the list is Circle Pay, another popular money sending app. This digital wallet app is known for conducting trades in established currencies like dollars and euros. Whether friends want to split a bill or colleagues want to share money, this digital money transfer app allows users to send dollars and euros through iMessage.

There are no fees for sending money and no exchange rate markups between dollars, pounds, and euro. The rate users see on Google is the rate they pay. As compared to other money transfer apps, Circle Pay is the only app that supports multiple currencies. Here are some of the exclusive features of Circle Pay:

  • Users can send money to their friends or colleagues with just a few taps on the screen.
  • With a single text message, a user can ask his group of friends to make payment.
  • The app is supported with pin and fingerprint ID for extra protection.

Final Say

So, these are 2019’s top payment apps that allow users to make payments to their friends, colleagues, relatives or to anyone directly from their smartphone. These apps are known for their security features, so users don’t have to be concerned about security. Apart from these apps, you can check out these top NFC payment apps. Do you know any other payment apps that come with advanced features? Let us know by commenting in the comment section.

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