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24 Astonishing Video Marketing Statistics You Should Hear

Modern content marketers are constantly searching for new ways to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and gain competitive advantages in their markets. Video content is one of the most powerful forms of content marketing available today, allowing users to enjoy valuable, information-rich content at their convenience, through a desktop computer or mobile device, at home or on the go. If your brand has not yet explored the potential of video content, take a look at some of the staggering statistics that other marketers have reported about the success of their video content. 

Return on Investment Statistics

One of the most common issues many marketing teams bring up about video content is the assumedly high cost of production. Hiring professional film crews, staging locations, scripting video content, digital editing, sound mixing, and myriad other concerns comes with a relatively high price tag compared to the cost of producing written content or even professional still photography. However, video content tends to offer some of the highest return on investment (ROI) of any media-based content. 

  1. In 2018, about 78% of marketers reported that video content provided a positive ROI. One year later that number has increased to 83%.
  2. 84% of marketers report that video content has increased traffic to their websites.
  3. 80% of marketers report that video content has increased the time average users spend on their websites.
  4. About 41% of marketers report that video content has become more affordable to produce, therefore providing a higher ROI.
  5. 39% of marketers report that making video content is easier than it was in the past, and 35% report video content is easier to produce in-house.
  6. About 72% of marketers using video content report that their video content has had a measurable effect on their conversion rates.

The value of video content as a marketing tool has never been more clear, and few more statistics should encourage any marketing team that has not delved into video content production to consider doing so as soon as possible.

85% of US Internet Users Enjoy Video Content at Least Once Per Month

More people than ever before are using their mobile devices and desktop computers to consume video content. 

This is a staggering level of potential reach, and brands of all industries can capitalize on the US market’s love of video content to earn more leads, increase conversions, and develop new brand advocates all over the country.

54% of Internet Users Want to See More Video Content

When a customer connects with a brand that offers real value, they tend to want to see as much as possible from that brand in the future. This statistic indicates that companies can cultivate stronger relationships with their consumers by developing high-value video content. Ultimately, video content could become the deciding factor of a lead becoming a dedicated customer. 

73% of Consumers Report Being Influenced by Video Content

It’s no secret that video content is the most popular type of content published to social media and typically generates much more engagement than written posts or photos. The 2018 State of Social Video Marketer Trends report concluded that a staggering number of consumers admitted that video content was a deciding factor for them when it came to making purchases from brands that published videos on social media. 

Video Marketers Gain 66% More Leads Each Year

Video content is engaging and easy to consume, and companies that have invested in high-quality video content production generally earn more leads year over year than companies that have not produced video content. 

YouTube is a Content Marketing Goldmine with Billions of Views Every Day

You can absolutely produce video content and publish it on your own site but building a YouTube channel for your brand and posting your videos there as well can offer tremendous reach. On average, YouTube viewers consume roughly one billion hours of content every day. 

A Website is 53% More Likely to Reach Google’s Front Page with Video Content

Google ranks pages in search results by authority and value. Since video content inherently generates more engagement than text-based content, marketers who leverage video content successfully will likely see tremendous gains to their organic website traffic from Google Search and rank better in search results.

64% of Customers Will Complete a Purchase after Watching Video Content

Some customers need to see a product or service in action before making a purchasing decision. Branded videos on social media platforms can be fantastic conversion paths for virtually any company. 

People Are Moving Away from TV to Online Videos

Traditional television is quickly losing popularity among American viewers thanks to the plethora of viewing choice available online, and Google recently reported that more than six out of ten people now prefer to watch online videos over television. 

Adding Video to Emails Can Increase Click Through Rate by up to 300%

Email marketing has been a mainstay of digital marketing for years and generally offers the highest ROI of any marketing channel. Modern marketing professionals can take this a step further by adding video content to their marketing emails and generating higher click-through rates. 

75% of All Video Plays Happen on Mobile Devices

Modern marketers have adopted a mobile-first policy when it comes to content publication in recent years, ensuring their content performs beautifully on mobile devices. Today, more people than ever are using their mobile devices to enjoy video content, so be sure to take this into consideration as you develop your video content publishing strategy.

97% of Marketers Report Video Content Helps Consumers Understand Their Brands Better

Making valuable connections with your audience is the number one goal for modern digital marketing. Most marketers find that their target audience gains greater understanding of their products and services after consuming their in-house video content, which in turn strengthens leads and increases conversion rates. 

These statistics should encourage any content marketing team to strongly consider investing in high-quality video content production. A few more statistics concerning customer preferences should drive this point home for any modern marketing team.

Modern Audiences’ Video Content Preferences and Habits

It’s essential to know your market with any type of content marketing strategy. A few more statistics concerning customer habits should offer valuable insight to any content marketing team developing a video content strategy:

  1. About 78% of people watch online videos at least once per week, and as many as 55% watch online videos every day.
  2. By 2022, video content will comprise more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic.
  3. 59% of modern executives report they would prefer to watch a video than read text-based content.
  4. Viewers tend to retain about 95% of a message relayed through video content, compared to only about 10% of a message relayed through text-based content.
  5. Almost 92% of people watching video content will share the content with others.
  6. About 65% of people report that watching YouTube videos has helped them successfully solve a problem or complete a task.
  7. 62% of consumers report higher interest in products after seeing them in video-based Facebook stories.

These statistics paint a very clear picture of the power of video content. It is currently the most valuable and sought-after content on the web, offers users better, more memorable experiences, and provides a fantastic ROI to modern marketing teams that need to stretch every marketing dollar to maximum effect.

Start Developing Your Video Content Publication Strategy

Video content may have a slightly more expensive cost of entry than other forms of content marketing, but the investment and work your team puts into video content publication will be well worth it in the long run. More internet traffic than ever before goes to video content, and consumers prefer brands that offer the highest-value experiences. Capitalize on this trend and think of ways to share more information about your brand, your values, and your products and services with a wider audience by leveraging the power of video content.

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