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Email Marketing Guide for Startups – All You Need To Know!

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A lot of startup businesses believe that email marketing is dead due to the introduction of social media, artificial intelligence, virtual chat representatives and bots. However, this method of marketing is still doing well and being implemented by companies to promote their products and services.

Email has become an integral part of every individual’s life today and it’s a medium that will continue to boom in the future. This is why it is the most low-cost, yet effective method of reaching a wide audience with the intent of receiving a response.

So, give our email marketing guide a read in order to get a clear-cut idea of what is required to direct you towards success.

1. Do your Market Research

The initial step to an effective email marketing strategy is research. Observe and understand how booming competitive businesses are running campaigns and how they target their relevant audience. Note the various schemes and strategies implemented in their email campaigns and try to formulate a similar pattern. You can fine-tune it later once you’ve understood your subscribers.

2. Identify your Target Audience

Recognize your target market and plan out whether you’re focusing on a select group or a broad audience. It is critical to identify the people who will actually buy your products because you don’t want to waste your efforts in the form of cold emails. Your aim should be achieving good results without wasting resources.

3. Creation of an Email List

Building an email list requires some planning and patience. First, convince your customers by publishing high-quality content and give them the option of receiving updates for the price of their email address. You can also add case studies or resources that can be unlocked once a user has entered their email address.

Ensure that the email addresses you collect are relevant to your market audience and include the social sharing option so it will boost the reach of the emails even further.

4. Choose Specific Email Management Tools

Selecting the right email management tool is as important as the structure of your email. The right management tool for your startup can be the cause behind your success so choose wisely. Here is an overview of some of the best email management tools for startup campaigns.


This tool is highly recommended for its high performance in metric analysis. Also, it allows you to run five email campaigns simultaneously and provides launch-ready templates that are helpful in testing and modifying email campaigns.


This is one of the best email marketing software packages used today. Its excellent features such as: 500+ email templates, drag-and-drop email builder, infinite customized tags and more, allow startups to run smooth email campaigns without any struggle.

5. How to Segment your List

Segmenting your list allows you to send relevant information to the right contact. When a subscriber has a personalized email sent to them, you have a higher chance to receive a response than when you send them unlimited emails regarding things they’re not interested in. This could lead them to unsubscribing to all communications in general, which would put you at a loss. By segmenting your subscribers, you add a personal touch to the emails which leaves a positive impression on the client.


For instance, if your firm has several outlets in different locations, you can customize your email campaign to deliver information regarding the store closest to the recipient. This could include updates regarding promotional offers, sales, clearance dates and more.

Similarly, other businesses can schedule emails according to an individual customer’s region for whatever purpose, to keep them informed about important news.


When your target audience belongs to a certain age group, segment your list accordingly to fit your target group. Your email should include information regarding services that are applicable to that recipient and nothing more. An email heavy on unnecessary information will end up in the receiver’s trash folder.


When you’re promoting a service or product that is gender sensitive, customize your emails based on the gender of the recipients for a higher probability of a positive response. This is extremely useful for a retail company, or a jewelry store.

6. Draw a Perfect Execution Strategy

Experimenting is the key to an ideal execution strategy. You must be ready to step out of your comfort zone and take risks in order to achieve a desirable outcome.

For instance, campaigns related to international and national holiday events are a great way to gain your customer’s attention. They have a higher likelihood of gaining positive results since most customers are looking for good promotional offers and emails.

7. Optimize Your Emails

The most basic hacks to optimizing an email marketing campaign are to come up with a strong and catchy subject line. Then follow it with a clear, sharp and concise body that expresses your message to the recipient.

Also, you can send re-engagement emails to your customers that haven’t engaged with your content lately. A simple, crisp re-engagement email with a caption like “here’s what you missed” followed with any promotional offers events or important news, can help in capturing their attention.

Use images to make your emails more appealing, but keep in mind that too many high resolution photos will increase the load time and not everyone has the patience for it.

Lastly, keep an eye on your frequency. Too many emails will irritate your recipients and will lead to your emails winding up in junk mail, while not sending enough makes you forgettable. Find the balance to maintain reader attention with a couple emails a week or a few customized emails.

8. A/B Testing

When you’ve got two ideas for a campaign but don’t know which one to execute, a method to help reach a solution is A/B testing.

This is when there are two variations of one campaign and both – Version A and Version B – are sent to two small groups. The version to receive the most level of engagement in the form of opening rate and clicks from the test groups decides the winner, which is then sent to all the recipients.

A/B testing is also applied in other fields of digital marketing services such as search engine marketing, affiliate marketing and more.

To wrap up, don’t ignore email marketing. It is delivering huge returns to businesses today. The main process is focusing on research, constructing an exceptional message, setting up the appropriate list and launching your campaign. Use the instructions above to improve your email marketing results and gain success in the industry. Remember, as long as you remain polite, concise and deliver value, you are guaranteed to gain the interest of your recipients.

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