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10 Best Online Ticketing Platforms for Event Planners

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Whether you are an event planner or someone who needs to book tickets for an event, knowing all the different ticketing platforms is something that can save you a lot of time, energy and money.

There are abundant apps and websites that people can turn to when buying or selling tickets for a particular event. At the same time, there are plenty of scam websites that can actually cause harm to an event, or the people who are looking to buy tickets for a particular event. For event planners, finding the right kind of ticket distribution platform to be able to sell your tickets is essential, especially for a relatively new event that doesn’t have as much coverage. If you are someone who is looking for a gig, knowing all the different sites that you can turn to if you want to book tickets is important, and something that you will be glad to know about. 

To make the task of finding the right kind of apps or websites easier, we have compiled a list of some of the best sources to turn to when it comes to ticketing options. These software options are known for being highly efficient and are tried and tested options that event planners and goers can turn to. 

1. Cvent

Cvent is widely considered to be one of the best options for event planners who are looking to sell and those who are looking to buy. Cvent is a software that has been incorporated for prominent events and programs all over the world. The software is comprehensive and well thought out, and something that is incredibly easy to use. No matter what kind of event you are thinking of, Cvent is something that can help get what you need. The software offers a free demo to those who want to try it out for themselves. 

2. Eventbee 

Eventbee is a great option for those who have a small budget and who want to put in as little as possible and get the most out of the software that they choose. Eventbee charges event organizers a flat $1 for setting up their online store and for selling tickets to their event. The website is also known for its social media marketing options that enable you to reach bigger audiences within a short period of time. 

3. is a brilliant choice for those who want software that is free to use and easy to use. Often, software options that do the same tasks charge you for the privilege. For those who don’t want to pay, is an excellent option that enables you to set up your ticketing page with absolute ease. The software is also known for its special guest engagement feature that enables event organizers to connect with those who are attending the event. 

4. Ticketbud

Ticketbud is great for those who want software that can give them complete control of every aspect of the event planning and ticket selling processes. It’s a good option for helping those hosting big events and who don’t have any limitations on the kind of sales they want to conduct. The software also has daily payouts, which means that event organizers get paid significantly faster as compared to most other ticketing platforms. 

5. ThunderTix

ThunderTix is a good choice for those who want an integrated marketing service that takes care of every aspect of the ticketing process that event planners need to incorporate. It is known for its extensive range of options that can be incredibly beneficial in instances where event planners don’t want to hire multiple sources to conduct processes for them. The platform also has a wide range of customizable templates that can help event planners design their frontpage the way they see fit. Branding is incredibly easy with this platform which is why it has grown to become such a popular option for so many event companies. The software also helps people create a widget that they can place on their website to redirect visitors to a ticketing page where they can purchase event tickets. 

6. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is software that was built on the premise that the world is stronger through immersive live experiences. It is incredibly well designed to help you buy and sell tickets for events. Eventbrite is very user-friendly and has a simple interface that is easy for almost anyone to use. The website does have a few limitations for those who want highly customizable options, but is still relatively good for those who just want a simple package that helps them get the job done and who don’t need too many features. 

7. TicketLeap 

TicketLeap is a great option for those who want event software that is not too expensive but which still provides all the features necessary to market events and sell tickets in the best way possible. 

In addition to the core software, the company also offers a range of educational programs for those who want to learn and understand the finer aspects of events and ticketing. 

8. Seatlab

Seatlab is a great option for those who want a bespoke experience and a way to improve event revenue. The platform is well designed and is great for those who want to allow for significant scalability and growth. The company uses a freemium pricing model, to help events get back on their feet.

9. Ticketsource

Ticketsource is a good choice for those who want flexible software that works well for a variety of needs. The software has a fee for those hosting paid gigs but is free for those setting up a ticket counter for a free event. This option makes the software incredibly appealing, especially for those who are hosting free events but who still want a solid platform that people can turn to. 

10. Accelevents 

Accelevents is an affordable software package for those wanting to create a ticketing platform. It’s known for offering a wide range of options and customizable features. No matter what kind of platform you want to showcase, Accelevents provides plenty to help event organizers. It is also known for having several integrated tools that can assist event organizers with tasks such as fundraising, silent auctions, donations and other kinds of campaigns.

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