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Content Marketing Strategies 2020

Look around. What do you see? Cut-throat competition everywhere, including the world of content marketing.

What strategies are you using to market your content? The same old strategies. You know what, once an intelligent mind said, “If you keep doing what you’ve been doing earlier, then you’ll never get what you want, you will only get what you’re getting at the present. To get the desired result, change your way of working as per the changed circumstances.”

Does that mean you need to change your content marketing strategies too? Yes, you got our point. Since the world of content has been revamped completely, changing the strategies becomes inevitable. If you do not mold them according to the changed scenario, then you’ll get what you’re getting till now, i.e. fewer readers for your write-ups.

“Do I need to search Google again to know about the marketing strategies that I can use in the modern era?” This is what you are thinking, right? Well, no. I know, you neither have time nor patience to do the research. Therefore, I think it is better to discuss them here in this write-up itself. Are you excited to know them? I hope you are. But, if not, then let excitement flow in your blood, as these strategies are capable enough to take your content to every nook and corner of this big world.

Now, without making you more curious, let me move towards my agenda, i.e., the strategies I want to share with you all.

Content Marketing Strategies to Make Your Content Reach Every Corner of the World

Strategy #1 Do content personalization

Content personalization is the strategy to create content based on the audience’s interest. According to a recent study, content personalizing is going to dominate the marketing world completely in the years to come. Therefore, instead of creating write-ups and then finding the readers for it, frame them keeping in view the reader’s interests.

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Strategy #2 Use artificial intelligence

The forthcoming era belongs to artificial intelligence. It won’t leave any sphere of human life untouched, including content marketing. Marketers have already started using it to do content personalization with ease and reach target audiences more effectively. Looking at the trends, it can be said that this technology is here to stay and completely transform the marketing world. How? Well, the following points will show that to you:

● Easily recommend incentives for customers

● Optimize email delivery time

● Personalize product recommendations

● Help plan content easily

● Make it easy to build a rapport with customers using chatbots

● Make audience analysis easy

● Ease data mining

● Automate repetitive tasks

Strategy #3 Use social media

According to a recent study, nearly 3.2 billion people were active on social media in the last year. It is the place where connecting with an audience is easy. Using it, you can easily:

● Curate potential customers

● Build brand awareness

● Increase traffic to your website

● Convert leads into sales

Here’s a picture depicting the social networking channels used by marketers, along with their popularity percentages.

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 Strategy #4 Tell a story

As per a recent survey, it has been found that almost 80% of people find content more effective if it makes them emtionally reminiscent. It helps them connect with the brand better. Feelings, that’s what readers seek in content nowadays, and if you are successful in making them feel, then there is no looking back after that.

Strategy  5 Become an omnimarketer

Gone are the days when the marketers used to rely on only a single channel to market their products. Modern-day marketers of well-established brands deploy a combination of all the possible methods to reach their target audience. Well, Omni, i.e., multi-channel marketing is the need of the hour. Make a marketing plan involving all channels. Here’s a snapshot of how omnichannel works.

 Strategy #6 Collaborate with others

A single person cannot create a great impact, but when others join him, then together they can move mountains. The same is true with content marketing. There must be other marketers like you who are waiting for their voice to be heard, right? For example, while browsing other websites, you may come across some good, but unnoticed views. In your content, you can quote them and cite the authors. Alone you can only speak, but with these budding marketing personals, you can shout. Now, what reaches the ears fast? A loud shout, right? Confused about where to find them? Well, finding them is simple; all you need to do is sign up on the various marketing forums and communities online. Here’s a list of some benefits you can get by doing so:

● Brings economies of scale by resource sharing

● Gets different perspectives

● Gives access to a larger audience segment

● Makes marketing less tedious and more fun

● Helps make your content better

● Helps drive more traffic to your website

● Helps analyze the target market better

Strategy #7 Do Voice optimization

“OK, Google.” This is all you say when you want to search something, right? Well, not only you but most of the people in the present world have become lazy creatures. So lazy that they even do not want to type. Who wants to type when everything can be accomplished using a simple voice command, right? Now, are you getting what I want to say? Well, what I intend to say is, optimize your content to support voice search so that it can reach a larger segment of the audience. Here’s a quick overview of voice search statistics.

The picture above proves that the modern-day audience is highly dependent on voice searches.

Strategy #8 Change your perspective

Do you analyze the number of people clicking your content? I know, you must be doing this. But, what you do not know is this is an incomplete analysis. Merely analyzing how many clickers there are is not enough in an era of cut-throat competition among content writers and marketers. Pondering what is a complete analysis, then? Well, along with evaluating the number of visitors, you should also evaluate how much time they spend on your content and how many of them share it on the social networks.

Strategy #9 Podcast your content

Do you listen to a podcast? Well, many people do. Podcasts have emerged as a new and effective way to share thoughts and ideas. Nowadays, you will find people discussing everything, ranging from their political views to economic insights through this wonderful medium. And, as per a recent survey, this trend is likely to continue in 2020 also. Therefore, you should also podcast your content to connect with a larger part of the population. Along with access to a large audience segment, podcasting has several benefits, such as:

● Boosts brand awareness and customer loyalty

● Aids a brand’s blog and video strategy

● Grabs the audience’s attention perfectly

● Reduces the cost of marketing the brand effectively

● Helps create highly engaging content

● Acts as a forum to interview industry experts

● Makes you stand out from competitors

● Helps customers trust your brand

Strategy #10 Engage in guest blogging

Do you know what most of the smart content marketers do these days? Well, they publish guest blogs on various websites to market their content. Although you cannot directly advertise your brand, you can still provide a snapshot of it which can prod the reader to visit your website and see the complete picture. Various benefits of guest blogging for a content marketer include:

● Exposure to a targeted audience

● Prominent online presence

● Increased brand awareness

● Qualified lead generation

● Fortified backlink profile

● Useful community feedback

● Short sale cycles

Now, I hope you can use these strategies and make your content reach every corner of this planet. You know what, you just need the determination to do it. If you have that, then everyone will surely hear your voice like you heard mine. At last, it’s time for me to sign off with the wish that may you get everything you want and be successful in your every endeavor.

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