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What Does Skill Based Entrepreneurship Teach Us?

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The incredible success of firms like Uber, Ikea, AirBnB, Amazon and others have resulted in a tremendous shift in the mindset of many young, aspiring people out there. 

To them, entrepreneurship seems like the ultimate path through which they can stand to gain a stupendous amount of success, recognition, fame and wealth. 

However, ideas like these that revolutionary companies are based upon don’t come along that too often. So, should this mean that you have to put your entrepreneurial aspirations on hold until you stumble upon a concept that can alter the industry? 

The answer is no and that’s because, you need to understand that entrepreneurship is not based upon ideas but on initiatives.

Entrepreneurship can be based on anything that’s worthwhile. It can be a concept that no one else can pull off the way you can. And this concept doesn’t necessarily have to be based upon an idea because skills can work just as well. 

This might sound confusing, but it isn’t. Skill based entrepreneurship has been on the rise in recent times with many notable individuals making a mark for themselves in multiple different domains pursuing it. 

These individuals follow the exact same ideology as top entrepreneurial firms, offering a very different kind of service to the one that is available in their domain. 

In this way, they create a unique market for themselves in which they are the reigning authority, allowing themselves to gain just as much advantage in terms of fame, recognition and monetary rewards as top firms.

As we approach the fourth and final industrial revolution, most of our business processes will soon stand automated. From transportation to big data, machines will be able to accomplish a lot without any sort of human intervention. 

In such a scenario, skill based entrepreneurship is bound to take center stage as the most dominant form of entrepreneurship. It will be the foremost way through which individuals will stand out and make a mark by themselves alone. 

Currently, there are numerous individuals who are re-defining this very concept of entrepreneurship by fast becoming brands on to themselves. Take the example of the industrial design sector which primarily deals with the production of almost every physical thing existent these days. But for a very long time now, there has been a lot of redundancy in this sector due to the failure of bringing something new to the design of existing products. 

However, a top skill-based entrepreneur named Jackson Hedden is changing the game nowadays. He is an iconic industrial designer who has built a reputation for himself as one of the top people to contact if you want a design made that’s anything but ordinary. 

Jackson’s portfolio consists of work assignments from some of the best brands of our times, including Lamborghini, 3m, and Coors light, among others.

But it’s not these brands or charming designs that make him so noticeable, it is the way Jackson Hedden approaches each design with an entirely new perspective. He does this by understanding the emotional connection that the user will have with the product. After this, he comes up with a design that embodies that emotion to create a real connection between his design and the target audience. 

One of his most recent works was for a subscription-based wine company in San Francisco called Usual. They wanted him to create a new wine bottle by giving it a packaging, and branding makeover to make it more suitable for the millennial generation. Jackson was more than up to the challenge, designing things from the bottom up and ensuring that he comes up with something that’s utterly different from the traditional experience of wine. Instead of traditionally drinking in groups of 2, this was crafted to be shared. The focus is on the feelings you get from sharing.

He designed a four-pack of wine, an inverted shape reminiscent of a wine glass each wine bottle that is intended only for individuals. Along with packaging with a secondary purpose of becoming an ice bucket. Typically only found in high-end restaurants. Jackson is conveying a sense of avant-garde in the brand, purpose, and, most importantly, a unique experience of sharing good wine.

Through such endeavors, Jackson Hedden has been able to become one of the best examples of skill-based entrepreneurs/designers out there, a man who can offer his unique skill set as a novel service that companies can’t find anywhere else.

Skill based entrepreneurship allows these people to stay free from the trappings of conventional entrepreneurship models that dictate their contemporaries to build and run firms based on their ideas and put things like creativity on the back burner. 

Entrepreneurship, contrary to popular belief, is one of the oldest of human concepts and it’s the thing that propels the human race forward through its endeavors. And when in the current world, with so little left to innovate in terms of bringing forth revolutionary ideas, skill based entrepreneurship provides people with the perfect opportunity to create a mark for themselves by following their innate talents and putting them to use for the highest amount of success possible. 

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