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MAGFAST Releases a Powerful New Power Bank

It’s great when technical innovations produce products that can radically improve our lives. One such product is the MAGFAST Extreme, an innovative new power bank that is potent enough to jump-start your car.

MAGFAST – a forward-thinking tech company that is transforming the process of charging wireless devices – produces elegant, efficient, wireless chargers for all types of wireless devices.

The company’s newest product, MAGFAST Extreme, has been described by the manufacturer as a “beast of a charger” that uses Qi wireless charging technology. MAGFAST Extreme may be used to charge multiple devices at once, eliminating the need for messy chargers and cables that detract from the beauty of your home or office decor. 

MAGFAST Extreme provides seven ways to charge wireless devices and may even be used to jump-start your car. You may charge devices using three Qi wireless coils, the built-in MAGFAST family mini-cable, or the rapid magnetic connection – which is a unique feature of all MAGFAST products – as well as fast USB-C and USB-A ports or a 12V outlet.

“We wanted to bring a new class of power bank to consumers that will truly take charging to the next level,” says Seymour Segnit, MAGFAST CEO and founder. “MAGFAST Extreme is not only the world’s first powerbank to charge wirelessly three smartphones simultaneously, but it has so much power it can jump-start your car. And it’s gorgeous too.”

MAGFAST Extreme is designed to be beautiful and powerful, with a self-storing and replaceable built-in mini-cable, three Qi-certified wireless charging ports, and traditional USB-A and new USB-C outlets with the latest PD Power Delivery. Using MAGFAST’s optional jumper cables, the unit’s high-intensity 500amp battery is powerful enough to jump-start up to 25 vehicles on a single charge.

“We are committed to delivering a revolutionary product that will transform customers’ charging options at home and on the go,” Segnit states. “We can’t wait to get these amazing chargers into customers’ hands.”

The MAGFAST Family of products is powerful, sustainable, and elegant, reducing the usual clutter of cables that normally accompany the charging process. Other products in the MAGFAST Family of chargers include:

MAGFAST Life: A portable everyday power bank for phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices.

MAGFAST Road: Designed for use in your car, this charger also charges other MAGFAST Family members while on the road. For added convenience, the MAGFAST Road has a built-in flashlight.

MAGFAST Air: An elegant super-flexible charging stand for Qi wireless devices.

MAGFAST Wall: An fully-updated version of a classic charger design. Wall plugs into your wall outlet, keeping your outlets free to use, then has USB-A and USB-C outlets for rapid wired charging. It’s also the perfect base station for MAGFAST Air.     

MAGFAST Time for Apple Watch™: Provides up to two weeks of charging for your Apple Watch™ device.

You can pre-order the complete MAGFAST Family Pro-Kit, including the new MAGFAST Extreme, at MAGFAST.com. To learn more about MAGFAST and its innovative product line, please visit the company’s website or follow MAGFAST on FacebookTwitter, or YouTube.

MAGFAST is transforming the wireless charging industry by combining sleek design and magnetic power to create the world’s first family of chargers that interlock magnetically, eliminating the need for messy wires and making it easier to charge several devices at once.

As a conscientious company, MAGFAST will also plant a tree for every order received.

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