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5 Ways to Market Your Content to Millennials

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Millennials are the workforce of the near future. By 2020, they are expected to comprise half of the U.S. workforce. The generation will grow to reach 75% of the global workforce by 2025. What does this mean for marketers, exactly?

The generation that’s the largest part of the workforce conveys the needs and wants of those who hold purchasing power. It’s where the money is, so each brand is gradually shifting towards marketing to Millennials. 

Who Are Millennials?

The simplest definition says that Millennials are people who reached young adulthood in the early 21st century. They were born between 1981 and 1996. 

What does this mean to a marketing expert? – Nothing.

But if we take a look at the usual characteristics of a typical Millennial, we’ll get the whole picture. 

  • Their lives are driven by technology. This factor will position digital marketing in the center of your promotional efforts. 
  • They love working in teams. They appreciate community and they feel connected to people with similar interests. 
  • They are driven by achievements. They don’t want to make the mistakes of their parents, who lived in the comfort of their tiny boxes. Millennials aren’t afraid to question authority and seek new professional challenges when they get bored. 
  • They love travelling. Millennials are open to differences, and they want to understand different cultures. 
  • They are socially responsible. They don’t only think about themselves and their own comfort. They want to contribute towards society’s wellbeing.  

5 Tips for Successful Millennial Marketing

Now let’s see: can you take those common characteristics and figure out how to market to Millennials? We’ll list five specific techniques that work:

1. Create Shareable Products and Content

One of the things Millennials love is sharing their life on the Internet. They want to convey their interests, social status, and daily life through what they share. If someone gets a new MacBook Pro, they will share the unboxing process in an Instagram story. When they go to the new local pub for the first time, they will photograph the food and share it. When they read a cool blog post, they will share it, so others will understand what this person identifies with. 

The platforms for sharing are already there. You just need to deliver something worth sharing. 

Your brand should deliver one-of-a-kind signature products and content. You can partner with key influencers from your niche. They will help spread the story, and others will follow. 

2. Engage Them across All Platforms

As a generation, Millennials can be described with a single word: connected. They are very active on social media platforms, and they like contacting businesses there. If they just ate at a local restaurant, they will search for its Facebook page and leave a review. If they liked what they got, they will follow the restaurant on Instagram to get informed about special offers. If there’s a cool Twitter profile, they will follow that one, too. 

Each marketing expert should make this a priority: publishing relevant and engaging content across all platforms. You want to be where your largest audience is. You want to engage them! You need their likes, follows, comments, and shares. They help you get noticed in the social media community, so more people are likely to become your paying customers. 

3. Promote Your Brand as Environmentally and Socially Conscious

The wish to make a positive difference for the environment and for society is one of the most notable characteristics of Millennials. They strive to use cruelty-free products, and they push fast fashion brands to provide better conditions for their workers. When brands fail to do this, Millennials call for a boycott. This generation accepted the role as corrective of power. They will criticize powerful brands to a point when their requirements have to be met. 

Promoting your business as environmentally and socially conscious is a good idea. If you use SiteChecker free link checker, you’ll see what people think about your brand. You can improve people’s opinion if you support charities, minimize the harm done to the environment during the production process, and provide great conditions for your employees. You’ll use these details not for direct marketing, but as facts that convey your brand’s values. Millennials know how to appreciate that!    

4. Take FOMO into Consideration

FOMO (the fear of missing out) is one of the most common Millennial trends. They’ve been watching their parents live in the same houses for their entire lives, working the same jobs, and having the same safe vacations. This generation doesn’t want that. They want adventure and unique experiences. If your brand can offer that, they will stay faithful to it. 

We all know that Red Bull wins at marketing. This brand turned adventure as its motto. It’s successful because it appeals to the fear of missing out, and it even mentions it in its social media posts.  

5. Mind the Design

Remember when we said that Millennials were tech-savvy? They won’t be happy to see an outdated, slow website representing your brand. They won’t be impressed by low-quality photos on your social media profiles. Design is important!

Consider investing in a professional team of graphic designers and photographers, who will deliver the perfect design to convey your brand’s vibe. 

When You Have the Attention of Millennials, Your Marketing Strategy Will Succeed

Outdated marketing strategies no longer work. Don’t even think about making cold calls via phone, or any other traditional method. 

Millennials won’t like it. Why should you even care? If you want to sell your products or services to the generation with the largest purchasing power, you should care. 

The good news is that Millennials aren’t outrageous with their needs and wants. They are perfectly reasonable. They want to see good design, constant presence across multiple channels, a call for adventure, shareable stuff, and social responsibility. Do you think you can do that? 

If you get the attention of this generation, it means you’re doing things right. Not just because you’ll sell more, but because your brand will become better in every aspect. You’re creating a good reputation for its future.

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