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Three Major Signs Your Business Website is Outdated

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Your business website is extremely important to your business as a whole: in recent years, the location of your physical store has become less and less irrelevant and the design and content of your business website have taken a centre stage. That’s why it is extremely vital to ensure that your business website is always in good shape, modern, and up to date. Here are signs you can find out that you’re falling behind your competitors and your website is becoming outdated and obsolete:

Decreasing Revenue From Your Website

One of the primary signs that your website is getting outdated, and one that is of primary concern to your business, is the loss of revenue from your website. Especially in today’s business climate where online shopping and online e-commerce are at all-time highs, it is increasingly worrying and a bad sign if your company is facing a loss of revenue. 

Of course, this isn’t a definitive sign that your website is the problem, of course. It can be due to wider macroeconomic reasons, it can be due to your specific sector facing problems, etc. There could be a million possible explanations for it, but nonetheless, one of the major reasons this mainly occurs is having an outdated website.

An Increase in Bounce Rate from Your Website

The bounce rate refers to the percentage of people who visit your website, but they immediately leave without clicking on anything. This usually signifies that the people visiting your website whether either turned off by the design or the content or something else and left immediately.

This stat with the average viewing time of each page could give you a very good idea about how attractive your website is for the average viewer. A bounce rate that’s getting higher and higher is a major signifier of a worsening positive response rate to your website that you need to do something about.

A Downgrade in Positions on Search Engines’ Results Pages

Probably the most effective way for your business to get recognized and get a lot of new customers is for you to rank high on search engines. A lot of people nowadays search on Google when they want a service or a product, ranking high for certain relevant keywords and search phrases can deliver thousands of interested users to your website each day. That’s why it can be particularly damaging if search engines started replacing your website with your competitors on the results pages, and you can potentially lose a major source of revenue. 

The way search engines rank websites is quite complex and involves a lot of variables and statistical models that would require a PhD in statistics to understand, but there is major evidence that how quick your website loads, how positive are user interactions, and how responsive it is to new devices are all major deciding factors of your ranking. That’s why getting lower in the rankings is a good proxy way of learning that your website is becoming outdated.


Learning when your business website is outdated and reacting in time is a sign of a far-sighted and intelligent business manager – it is one of the major business decisions that could make or your break your company in years to come. Thankfully, it has been getting easier and cheaper to update your website with a beautiful design and the latest technologies in web development. You can hire a professional development house like to handle the process for you.

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