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A Step-by-Step Social Media Marketing Guide for Digital Marketing Agencies

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For digital marketers, 2019 was an exciting year with multitudes of opportunities. If you own a digital marketing agency, possibilities are endless for you. All you need to do is start its social media marketing (SMM) journey on the right foot. This post will help you propel the social marketing approach of your digital marketing agency to the next level.

Observe the social media performance report of your company with a critical eye

Before working out a strategy for the social media marketing for your brand, you will need to do some research. This is mandatory as it will keep you well-grounded while you analyze the data and work out a formula for success for your digital marketing agency.

For a better understanding, give thought to taking four-years of your company’s social media performance data into consideration. At first, find out the figures for the likes and shares of the social media campaign that you ran for your company last year. Do not forget to smile at every success that meets your eye. Do not forget about your failures either. Next, compare the previous year’s data with that of the last four years.

After having done the math of the success vis-a-vis the failure of your previous years’ social media campaigns, you are now ready to make the first move for formulating your SMM strategy.

Elucidate the scope of SMM for your brand 

You may have heard about smart people but you may have seldom heard or read about smart goals. Social media marketing strategy is a long-term game. Given the intense competition that is likely to come your way in the coming years, you need to align your SMM goals with your long-term company goals.

This is one of the best practices that you can adopt for defining the scope of SMM for your digital marketing agency. Better yet, opt for smart goals.

Here’s what the smart SMM goals for your digital marketing agency should look like:

  • S – Specific
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Attainable
  • R – Realistic
  • T – Time-bound

Align your branding goals and metrics with that of revenue generation for your brand in conjunction with the aforementioned attributes.

Remember that being particular about your numbers and deadlines is a good habit to develop for better chances in the long run. Measure your goal, and keep assessing your data at every juncture. Keep your goals realistic – being foolhardy in pursuit of accepting challenges will land you in difficulties.

Even as you figure out that you have time in hand, set your deadline to manage your time effectively for your projects.

Break down your target audience into various groups

Whether your social media marketing strategy for your digital marketing agency clicks or not depends, to a large extent, on your understanding of your audience’s social media behaviour.

On the surface, you may notice a variation in their demographics. For instance, they may differ from one another in terms of age, employment, academic qualifications, and other attributes. Likewise, you may also observe differences in their opinions on social posts.

Analyze these data carefully. The information related to it will help you in building the personality image of your audience. This way, you will be able to promote your engagement with your business’ potential customers.

Work out how you are going to utilize different social media websites

Social media is a world wherein the possibilities are endless. But, not all social media sites will be equally useful for your SMM campaign. You will be better off filtering your choices.

For best results, identify different social media choices for different purposes. This should be based on the horses for courses approach. Choose a social media website for getting traffic, and keep it separate from the one that you are going to use for building your network.

Follow the list below for executing various SMM campaign-related tasks.

  • Facebook: This is arguably the best social media website for generating traffic. Consider posts that are geared toward light entertainment based on photos and videos alongside text.
  • Twitter: A prominent news platform, this social media website serves as a platform for all trending news. You can create a Twitter handle for your company and share the updates linked to your digital marketing company using hash tags.
  • LinkedIn: If you have short and interesting posts linked to trending industry data and stories, LinkedIn can prove to be the best professional network for you.
  • Instagram: Have standout quotes, pictures, and short videos that you want to share with your target audience? Instagram is the social media site on which you may want to share them.
  • Pinterest: Just like Instagram, Pinterest is also another popular website for sharing visual posts with your target audience. Here, pictures and short videos work better than posts that are solely based on text. Choose your posts carefully to hit the right chord with your target audience.

Strike the iron when it is red hot

This is one of the popular sayings in English which translates into making the most of the opportunities that knock on your door. You need to do the same for the chances that come along for your digital marketing agency.

After identifying the right social media websites, make a point of sharing your posts with your audience at the right time. This approach will help you better engage with your target audience. At the same time, you will also be able to grab their attention with various news and updates relating to your digital marketing agency.

Brainstorm for additional ideas by keeping an eye on your competitor’s moves

Among other things, do not forget to keep an eye on your competitor’s strategies. This is one of the essential elements that will keep you in the game.

Sometimes you may run out of ideas while racing against your competitors. The art of learning from their moves can come in handy and keep the SMM strategy for your brand well on course.

Final thoughts

Social media marketing emerged with a new definition in 2019. To make the most of its benefits, you must make effective changes to your approach. Adhere to the aforementioned guide to fine-tune your existing SMM strategy and transition to a new one for better prospects.

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