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Top 10 Trending Facebook Advertising Features in 2020

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Currently, Facebook is the king of social media! That’s why the thought of running a successful social media advertising campaign brings you to Facebook. 

Facebook ads are generally the cheapest and most easily tracked form of online social media advertising. Plus, the ads are optimizable! And, this feature gives you a lot of control over your ads on the platform. Most importantly, you should have a successful plan to get results. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money!

In reality, businesses, big or small, use Facebook ads to increase their sales. Are you? If not, it’s time – Facebook has a wide range of targeting options, campaign types and great ad formats. 

So, let’s take a look at what Facebook Ad features can change the way you see advertising in 2020:

1. Carousel Ads

If you are looking for an engaging and fun way to promote your business, Facebook carousel ads are the best. 

This ad format allows you to show multiple images, videos, in the same ad unit, each with a call to action to your website’s page. When used wisely, this ad format can be used to highlight your products, features or promotion!

While Facebook carousel ads with images are effective at driving website traffic and boosting engagement, Facebook carousel ads with video offer you the creative side to leverage the most influential and engaging Facebook in-feed ad format. You can even create an appealing story with carousel ads.

2. Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads are a compelling addition to any Facebook ad campaign. They are best at working with the marketer’s golden rule: Know the audience. This form of ad allows you to gather user details from customers while offering them additional opportunities to connect through demo requests, newsletter subscriptions, contest registration, scheduled appointments and many more. 

When someone clicks on a lead ad, they’re presented with a lead ad form that’s almost already completed with information from the user’s Facebook profile. And the rest of the form can be completed in a few easy taps.

3. Video Ads

A lot of users watch videos on Facebook religiously. Videos are scroll-stopping, relatable and captivating. A good video can relate what a picture cannot! Sometimes it makes us emotional, and other times it entertains us. That’s why video ads are important.

Creating a Facebook video ad is the best way to ensure your audience notices your brand, remembers it and possibly converts to buyers in the future. Video ads help you to strengthen brand identity and increase engagement. You can also try your ideas in Facebook GIF ads which are just as dynamic as a regular video ad.

4. Engagement Ads

The Facebook algorithm is designed to allow engagement ads to reach the users who are more likely to react, like, comment, or share your stuff. It’s a great way for your business to get recognized and engaged with a wide range of potential customers!

Engagement ads are relevant because a lack of customer interaction may look like a post is unreliable or that a business is unapproachable. Potential customers are most likely to interact with posts that have more likes, comments and shares. So, the higher the engagements on your posts, the more likely it is that potential customers will interact with your business. 

5. The Facebook Pixel

You have to use Facebook pixel even before Facebook ads because it’s how you measure conversions. This is an analytical tool consisting of a code that you put on your website. This tool simply tracks site visitors and gathers their user behaviour details.

It works by placing cookies and triggering an event when a user interacts with your Facebook ads or website. Facebook pixel then collects data that helps you to track conversions from Facebook ads and then optimizes and builds targeted audiences for future ads. This collected data will be remarketed to users who have already taken some action on your website.

6. Behavioural Targeting

Are you looking to target people who are interested in your products or business?

Facebook’s behavioural targeting helps in that regard. It’s all about reaching potential customers based on their past purchase behaviour, device usage, travel preference (you may wonder why? but believe me, it’s an important metric), purchase intent and other purchase behavioural characteristics.

Facebook, with the help of third-party partners, uses collected data to figure out users’ behaviour both online and offline! Behavioural targeting will help your posts reach the right audience at the right time.

7. Interest Targeting

As the name implies, interest targeting allows your posts to reach your target audience based on their interests. Your post content may reach them based on their daily activities, hobbies, pages they have liked, or a whole set of other things!

Interest targeting is best when it comes to displaying your ads to people who are not even aware of you. With interest targeting, your ads reach people who are most likely to engage with them.

8. Demographic Targeting

Facebook offers demographic ad targeting options! You can target your audience based on their particular countries, states, cities, and suburbs. This option also allows you to exclude people from specific locations. 

Picking your target audience based on their area and age, language and gender is a pretty straight forward option. Remember, the results will be too narrow if you are selecting too many filter options to get to the target audience and may affect your ad campaign performance.

9. Website conversion campaigns

Facebook’s website conversion campaigns help you to grow your business. Website conversion is the best ad campaign to encourage potential customers to visit your website and do something on your page.

If your objective is to drive traffic, increase page visits and sales on your website, you should consider executing a website conversion campaign!

10. Remarketing

Facebook remarketing is a powerful ad campaign to engage with people who have already visited your website or Facebook page. This can be done by setting up Facebook custom audiences, so when a customer visits your website or specific landing page or performs a particular action on your website and leaves before completing the action, they are added to your retargeting list. 

People rarely buy something from a company the very first time they come across it. Retargeting them with your ads is an excellent way to build engagement and trust. 

It’s your time…

Facebook has many hidden gem features that are often deeply buried in their complicated interface. Finding and using these can take your campaign from good to extraordinary!

Follow these helpful tips Facebook Image size dimensions and ad feature guidelines, and in a short period of time, you’ll be on your way to running successful Facebook ads.

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