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How Video Marketing can Help to Skyrocket Your Sales

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The marketing niche is quite unpredictable, and trends can change within days.

Talking about marketing trends, Video Marketing is one that is consistently gaining popularity and is not showing any signs of slowing down. 

When you start a business website, the goals are simple; drive more traffic and enhance sales. And online video marketing can play a huge role in increased viewership and engagement of your brand.

If you are looking for a proven way to boost traffic and increase conversions, then it’s a good idea to consider integrating video marketing as a part of your overall marketing plan.

In this post, I’ll explain why video marketing is extremely effective in increasing your sales.

What is Video Marketing and How can it Boost Your Sales?

There is no specific definition of the term “Video Marketing”. Still, you can simply say that using videos to promote your products, services, or brand can be termed as video marketing. It is your marketing strategy that integrates engaging videos to increase viewership.

When we started out video marketing on YouTube about 12 years back, I didn’t have a clear idea of how to go about it. Over time as I gained more knowledge. We created a video marketing strategy, and it certainly helped give us a massive boost in sales.

There are various types of videos you can create. They can be animated videos, how-to videos, demo videos, educational videos, and much more. 

You can also create videos through images by applying transitions between them, using  software such as “Adobe Premiere.” Before creating the video, it’s a good idea to edit images to give them an impressive look. You can do it easily using an online editor such as Fotor or Canvas Photo Editor. 

Now let’s look at some details on how video marketing helps to boost your sales. 

Enhances Engagement Rates 

When we talk about marketing, one of the goals is to generate sales, and user engagement is essential to accomplish that objective. If you can engage your viewers, only then can you  increase sales. 

Many companies are searching for ways to make human connections, and people connect with videos in a higher ratio as compared to text or images. By interacting with your visitors through videos, you increase the chances of making a connection with them. 

According to a study by Brightcove, 53% of customers reported engaging with a brand after watching a video on social media, and the figure increased to 66% when only millennials were considered. 

Their stats also showed that 45% of customers overall and 57% of millenials found it beneficial when there was a noticeable call to action, offering engagement with a brand.

Increases Social Shares 

Social media is now a platform that is important for any business. Posting excellent video content can lead to more social shares, resulting in increased viewership.

According to SmallBiz Trends, social videos generate 12 times more sharing than text and images combined. Sharing indicates that a person believes in your brand so much that they make it a part of their story. And, getting more shares means having the chance to acquire more customers.

Boosts Sales

Increasing traffic to your website results in more customers. 

According to Invisa, adding a video to a landing page can increase your conversions by 80%. Also, a study conducted by Wyzol in 2016 indicated that 74% of customers who watched videos to learn about a product or service ended up purchasing it. It shows that crafting exciting videos to support your products or services can definitely boost your sales.

Think about it, if images can boost engagement incredibly, then moving images or videos can do wonders for your business. 

Improves ROI 

Video marketing was considered expensive in the past because it required specialized equipment and expertise, but this is not the case now. Now, with the help of modern smartphones and video editing apps, most people can create exciting videos with a few hours of practice.

Companies who measure their KPIs understand that videos have a massive return on investment. According to a survey by Animoto, 88% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing on social media. 

Google Loves Videos

If you create amazing videos with your blog posts, it will give you a better chance to rank higher on Google. When you search a keyword on Google, it often shows YouTube videos in the search results. 

Since Google is connected with Youtube, it pulls optimized videos from Youtube to appear against some keyword search results.

Optimizing your videos around some popular keywords is a fantastic way to maximize your SEO output.  

Increases in Organic Traffic

Whatever type of website you may have, the more organic traffic you get, the better your chances of increasing your customer base. 

Studies indicate that videos increase organic traffic by more than 150%, and 62% of businesses believe that videos have helped to increase the amount of organic traffic to their sites.

If you have videos in your content, it can certainly help to increase the amount of time people spend on your page, resulting in better rankings. If someone visits your page and they click on an exciting video, they are likely to remain on the page far longer.

You can also increase your click-through rate since people are more likely to click on videos appearing in search engine results. 

You can use both sales videos and engagement-focused videos on your website. Sales focused videos include testimonials and promotional videos. 

Engagement-focused videos include videos to educate people and make them aware of the company or any of its products or services. 

Let’s say a business is trying to promote its referral marketing software, which helps companies set up and manage their own referral programs. It would be a fantastic idea to create a YouTube video with easy to follow instructions on how to use the software. 

Attracts Mobile Users 

Most people carry a smartphone these days and watch videos on the go. Studies show that about 70% of viewing time on Youtube is from a mobile phone. 

Creating videos for your product or service is a great way to target these users, and the videos you create for your business should be mobile-friendly. 

Since more and more people are using Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter on their mobile phones, you should look to formulate videos that are friendly for all of these platforms. 

Summing Up

To sum up, if you are only using images and text in your content, you should seriously consider investing in videos to help boost your sales. 

With the right video marketing strategy, you can grow demand, generate more leads and increase conversions.

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