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6 Engaging Types of Online Advertising for Businesses to Increase Traffic

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Online marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching out to your target audience and grabbing their attention. You can place these ads for fulfilling one or more goals like lead generation, sales and brand awareness. The best part of online marketing is that you get to know the response almost instantly unlike conventional marketing methods. Today, more and more businesses are moving to online advertising owing to its easy-to-start and inexpensive nature.

If you try to enter the world of digital marketing on your own, it can be overwhelming but hiring the services of a digital marketing agency makes it easy. These agencies know the various channels and platforms that can be used to advertise and how to use them based on your business needs.

Let’s look at a few of the online advertising options for increasing traffic to your website.

Search Engine Ads

The ads seen on a search engine’s first page comes under SEM (Search Engine Marketing). When any user searches using a specific keyword, the ads related to that keyword appear at the top of the search results page. Since only a few selected ads can be placed there, you need to compete with others for the spots. The search engine chooses which ads to place scoring on factors like quality and relevance. These ads are very effective as they come up exactly when a user is looking for that type of product or service. Hence, people are more likely to click on it. But, this type of advertisement is expensive and not everyone can afford it, especially businesses with very limited budgets. 

Display Ads

Any ad comprised of a combination of text and image and appearing on web pages falls under display advertising. These ads have the sole aim to distract the user and lure him to click on them by leaving whatever current activity the user was involved in. These ads include graphics and other appealing elements to gain users’ attention. When placed on the pages where you know that your target audience is found, they are quite effective in getting people to visit your website.

Mobile Advertising

With 2.5 billion people around the globe using smartphones, the potential of mobile advertising is immense. With the deep penetration of smartphones, this kind of advertising has emerged as a powerful medium to connect with targeted customers and establish trust and a brand. People happily stay glued to these small portable screens for hours consuming large amounts of content and hence reaching them through this medium is an intelligent move. According to data, the click-through rate of mobile ads is nearly double that of traditional ads.

Advertising on Social Sites 

A large number of people visit social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a daily basis. Hence, advertising on these sites poses a fantastic opportunity of reaching out to your audience. Sites like Facebook work with advertisers to come up with ads that are effective and don’t disrupt the user experience. The popular social site ads often have the best click-through rates. 

Retargeting Ads

These ads target those users who have expressed interest in your business in some way and then moved on. You retarget them by placing ads to gain back their attention, reminding them of their interest in you. If you can lure back these customers through these ads, they are more likely to convert because they were already interested in the product or service you are offering. This type of advertising can accelerate your conversion rate if the digital marketing services you have hired for the job develops the advertising campaign correctly, keeping a specific goal in mind.

Webinar Advertising

These days, webinars are quite popular. A webinar is an educational or instructive session held on the internet with audio and visual communication between the attendees and the speaker. It’s a great way to promote your website and increase traffic. You should use all those social media channels where your targeted audience is found to promote your webinar. You should even send out email notifications to those in your list to register for it. These emails can be sent at least a week ahead and then again as a reminder email with a subject like “Last chance to register” just a day prior to the webinar. Also, make sure to archive the presentation so that it can be viewed later by those who couldn’t make it at the designated time.

Online advertising is the only way boost your visibility reach far and wide on an economical budget. Any good digital marketing agency understands the importance of digital marketing and uses different types of content and advertisements to reach out to your targeted audience effectively. 

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