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How to Start a Blog on Niche Websites

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Blogs are a collection of articles on a website, and they’ve found their place on the websites of businesses as well as personal bloggers. While personal blogging seems to be all the rage these days, businesses are also starting to realize the massive potential of writing blogs to improve their sales and position themselves as an authority in their niche. 

There are many reasons why businesses should include a blog on their website or hire blog writing services to do it for them. Creating a niche blog is going to be crucial, whether you’re running a large business or whether you have just launched your startup. 

Benefits for Large Industries

Just because your brand currently operates in a large industry does not mean that you shouldn’t start a blog for your website. In fact, more often than not, businesses tend to assume that since they’re operating in an already established market that all the information that a customer needs is available.

That’s not true at all. Just because you own a business in an established industry does not mean that you should ignore the importance of starting a blog for your website. 

For instance, if you’re offering moving services in your area, then there’s a lot of ways in which a blog could help your website. For example, your blog can help answer some valid questions that your consumer might have, such as:

  • Do you provide moving services to businesses or residents of the area? 
  • Do you offer moving services across state lines or just within your area? 
  • What are the different service packages that you offer? 
  • Do you provide storage facilities, packing services, packing equipment, (such as boxes), etc.? 
  • What do residents or businesses look for in a moving service, and what are the major points of your potential customers? 

These are all valid questions that you can answer in your blog. Answering these questions will instantly make you appealing to potential customers (since it shows you care) and will also help establish you as an authority in the professional moving niche in your city. This was just one example of how creating a blog for your niche website can help you grow your business and make new followers. 

Including a blog in your niche website helps keep the content of your website fresh, while facilitating SEO best practices. It can help establish you as an authority, but even more importantly, it helps drive traffic to your website, which is the main reason why a niche website needs to have a blog. In the following section, we’re going to take a quick look at how you can start a blog on a niche website. 

Getting Started

A niche website deals in specific products, so if you’re going to be writing a blog, it will have to be on a specific topic as well. In other words, the blog posts that you share via your website will be on narrow topics that are related to your niche website. 

Create a Content Plan 

Regardless of whether you’re planning to start a personal blog or a blog for your niche website, you are going to need a content plan. One of the main reasons that many business owners don’t bother to include a blog in their niche website is the lack of time and blog ideas – business owners even admit to not having enough time to create and maintain a blog. Having a content plan can solve both these problems. 

There comes a time when we all run out of things to talk about while blogging. Having a detailed content plan, complete with topic ideas and dates will ensure that you’re able to produce a steady flow of blog posts for your niche website. The good news is you can hire blog writers who can do all the heavy lifting for you.

Find Topic Ideas 

There are many people who find it difficult to find blog topics for their niche website, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By putting in a little effort and using some of that grey matter, you too can find the perfect topics to blog on for your niche website. If you hate bananas, then deciding to write blogs about bananas would be a bad idea. Get it?

Google AdWords Keyword Tool – You can use tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find the top searched keyword phrases that are being used to search for your services. 

Google it – There’s also another simple way of finding the relevant keyword phrases to target with your blogs. Just type in your main keyword on Google, but don’t hit search. Google will automatically suggest the top searched keyword phrases that are relevant to your target keyword. 

Eavesdropping – Some other places to find blog topics include forums, Quora, Reddit, and the like. Here, you are more likely to find niche categories and sub-categories. Read through the conversation threads to find out customer pain points or any other issues that you can solve with a blog post.

Narrow Your Niche – So, what does that mean? It means that if you’re a business that sells phone cases, you don’t just want to write about how phone cases can save your life. Instead, let your blogs focus on what types of phones you create cases for, or what particular patterns or designs you incorporate in your phone cases that sets them apart from the rest. Writing a niche blog means honing in on a specific topic that others in your industry might be ignoring. 

Add Value to Your Website

Once you’ve figured out the topics to target along with the relevant keywords, it’s time to create stellar content. There’s no shortage of information available online. All you have to do is punch in a random product or service on Google, and you’ll be bombarded by thousands, if not millions of search results. 

You are sure to find the same results when you type in the keyword you’re targeting. In a sea of information, the only thing that’s going to separate you from the others is the quality of information you offer your readers. There’s absolutely no substitute for valuable content. 

If the blog posts you write provide your audience with the best information available online and help them solve their problems, they are going to reward you by sharing your blog posts with others, buying your product or services, or simply visiting your blog frequently to gain some more of your wisdom. Hiring professional blog writing services will ensure that your blog posts offer value by delivering a combination of informative and entertaining content to your readers.

Measure its Performance

Writing an epic blog is only half of the task. Once you’ve written the blog and packed it with all the latest relevant information you could find, you will need to use web stats tools to measure the performance of your blog posts and the overall performance of your niche website. This might take a few months, but over time, as you keep adding more high-quality blog posts to your niche website, it will give you a better picture of which posts are performing better and which ones aren’t. 

You can use that information to tweak the ones that aren’t performing well. As a rule of thumb, you should focus on writing a few high-quality blog posts as opposed to many low-quality blog posts that don’t really offer much value to the reader.  

Ending Note

The bottom line is, you want to write blogs that provide answers to the questions your potential target demographic is asking. Your potential customers who see that you feel their pain will reward you sooner or later. Starting a blog is one of the most cost-effective ways of generating traffic and conversions for your website. Since the blog, like your website, is not going to be for you, but rather, for your customers, you should aim to write blogs that solve a problem that your customers are facing or educate them on something related to your product or services. Done right, a blog has the power to establish you as an authority in your niche, improve your sales, and can also help you break into new markets.

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