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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Marketing

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Artificial intelligence has influenced diverse fields of business. One of them is marketing. New, AI-driven tools like machine learning, business intelligence, and data science can be highly beneficial for companies operating in marketing.

To take full advantage of new technologies, first, we have to obtain a basic knowledge of how they actually work.

AI – What Is It Really About

What does artificial intelligence really mean? To put it as simply as possible, AI is a set of algorithms specially created to imitate the intelligence of humans.

How is it different from other computer programs? Well, artificial intelligence can do more than any computer system ever written. AI is able to learn from given data and drive valuable insights from it. It is capable of making complex predictions, in most cases – AI software is more accurate than human specialists.

Artificial intelligence’s unique features give extraordinary opportunities for businesses from diverse fields. The processes which used to be time consuming can now be completed quickly and without the need for human engagement. The extra time of employees is precious for the development of any company. Staff can now focus on creative challenges rather than waste time on repetitive tasks.

Let’s take a closer look at a few particular areas where the implementation of AI-driven solutions would significantly increase the growth of your business.

Influencer Marketing

It is a new emerging trend in digital marketing – and by 2020 is expected to be worth $10 billion. Artificial intelligence-powered influencer marketing is expanding especially in three areas:

  • identification of the right creators
  • defining impactful workflow actions
  • creation of relevant content

Nowadays, customers are exposed to thousands of ads daily through multiple devices. It is extremely difficult to attract consumer attention to your business. This is why brands need to create relevant content that reflects the client’s needs.

Artificial intelligence solutions can support companies by finding the right creators using classification programs.

AI is able to detect fake engagement, as well as fraudulent influencers through the analysis of patterns among followers.

Another use of AI is in the process of identifying the relevant types of content. AI can process vast quantities of data and determine which kind of publications are the most popular.

Personalized Customer Experience

The rapidly growing market of e-commerce has changed customers’ expectations. A personalization of marketing activity has become an industry standard. The messages sent to clients have to be different, depending on where the particular customer lives and what language they speak.

According to the research conducted by Gartner, 90% of all brands will be using personalized marketing by 2020, especially to create individualized content which has always been the main struggle for marketers since it is an extremely time-consuming task.

AI algorithms offer a solution. AI-based software can learn the behavioral patterns of each user and then suggest personalized content. And that’s not all.

Improvement of Purchasing Experiences – A New Way of Shopping

A currently emerging trend is the virtual fitting room. It enables customers to “try on” clothes before buying without actually having to change. They just have to stand in front of a screen with a camera and select clothes. Then, the virtual fitting room shows a real-time image of what the customer would look like in a particular outfit.

Automation of Processes

Marketers have been introducing automation to different processes for many years now. The problem is to bring all those programs together into one, multitasking system. Artificial intelligence is able to create such a system.

One of the main struggles that marketers have to deal with every day is the allocation of assets. Now, there is an innovative solution called the digital asset management system. It is able to store, organize, search, and finally share digital content, saving marketers countless hours and giving them the time to invest in development.

Prediction of Users’ Behavior

The key to success is to be always a few steps ahead. Artificial intelligence is able to predict the most likely behavior of particular customers, all thanks to its ability to process massive amounts of data gathered by a company about existing and past customers. An AI-driven system defines a priority lead basing on earlier identified criteria and the profile of an ideal customer.

Artificial intelligence is not only able to come up with predictions. What’s even more important is its ability to act on those predictions in order to define the best actions leading to the desired outcome.

AI-powered analytics software processes behavioral data and compares it with statistical models. The system is then able to predict the future behavior of particular customers and can prevent unwanted actions in advance, for example by sending a targeted marketing message.

Artificial intelligence-based analytics opens the door to individualized marketing. Each customer can be treated differently, depending on their characteristics, and behavioral patterns. Such an approach boosts the effectiveness of marketers and sales teams.


The implementation of artificial intelligence tools has become a new standard in marketing. If you want your business to grow and be competitive in the market, you need to invest in AI-driven solutions.

The application process is complicated, but there are companies as well as specially designed platforms that will help you with artificial intelligence software development.

Thanks to accurate predictions and personalized marketing actions your company will be able to gain customer interest which will result in an increase in sales.

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