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Top 7 Ideas for Web Design in 2020

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The number of websites tends to increase with each passing year. As 2020 begins, there are many bloggers and business people who are rolling out their websites. These beginners need to understand that there is so much that goes into designing a website. 

Since users have a wide array of websites to choose from, you have to make your website appealing enough for it to stand out. Another thing to understand is your audience’s short attention span. You have a very short time to impress your audience, after which they’ll look somewhere else. 

With the right web design, you’ll have an easy time reaching your audience and getting their attention. You’ll be in a position to build traffic steadily and this will help with the success of your business. 

After all, in as much as you need to deliver quality, you also have to find the audience that would benefit from your products and services.  

Since the year has just begun, people expect something new from you. You need to do something different with your website. Refurbishing your website is one way of staying relevant in such a competitive marketplace. Ensure you work with professional web designers who can work with an idea to add more life to your site.

Here are the top 7 web design ideas you should consider in 2020. 

1. Typography 

People want an easy time reading the content on your website, which is why you should invest in the typography of your website. Go for high-quality fonts that are easily readable on small as well as big screens. People using their mobile devices should not have a harder time navigating your site as compared to those using a browser. 

With technological advancements, high-quality fonts that were once too expensive are now accessible to everyone. In fact, Google fonts are now free and available to all website owners. 

As a small business owner, you should take advantage of such resources to cut down on your operating costs. 

When you use new fonts on your website, it gives your site a new look. You want fonts that are easy on the eye so that website visitors find your content appealing. Did you know that many people hit the back button just because they find your typography repelling?

2. Video 

If you haven’t included video as part of your web design strategy, then you shouldn’t repeat the same mistake in 2020. Visual media significantly boosts the appeal of a website. People feel appreciated when you add videos that offer all the information they need in a matter of minutes. 

Video continues to dominate other trends because people prefer to watch rather than read. Given busy schedules and short attention spans, people prefer watching videos that comprehensively answer their questions. 

Video should be your go-to visual marketing tool because it engages both auditory and visual senses. Your brand is likely to stay in people’s mind for longer if they watched your video rather than reading your content. 

3. Web Storytelling 

Any website owner knows that the best way to come off as a relatable brand is to have an interactive web story. Interactive web storytelling is the reason people will recommend your website to their friends and family.

Aside from being informative and entertaining, your website also needs to be interactive. You need to incorporate this into your web design strategy to retain your customers. Good stories easily sway people and you can end up losing your audience if you have a web story that isn’t unique and purposeful. 

You have to be purposeful with each action you take because they all have an impact on the success of your business. 

4. Mobile-First Design 

This has been a web design trend for a couple of years now and it’s not about to change. More people are browsing the internet with their mobile phones, so make sure your website can easily load on smaller screens. 

Your website should appear impressive on browsers as well as on mobile screens because people want a seamless browsing experience. 

5. Customized illustrations 

You probably already use illustrations on your website, but are they custom-made? Customized illustrations are an effective tool that help you communicate your brand message. Using illustrations you find on the internet might not be sufficient to communicate your message which is why you need to work with professional web and graphic designers who have mastered their craft. Ensure the illustrations you choose align with the tone of your company’s message.

6. Animation

Animations just like customized illustrations help communicate a business’ brand message. When it comes to animation, ensure you go for high-quality graphics that will make sense to your audience.

7. Optimization 

Overall, you need to ensure every element on your website is optimized. In case you’re using add-ons, ensure that you update them to the latest version. Optimization translates to exceptional user experience. 


As you can see, having a functional website is not enough. You have to work on the visual appeal of your site as well.

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