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Intranet Best Practices To Optimize Your Business Use Case

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If you are considering setting up intranet for your business, or have already done so, it is essential to know that the work is not done. In fact, it never is. Yes, having intranet opens your business up to a lot of different business operational benefits. But if you are not following best practices, you are wasting this important technology.

The number one question to ask is, “Are your employees utilizing the provided intranet software?” This may take a bit of digging, or you may not be using it yourself, which essentially answers the question.

And why is no one using the intranet effectively? Well, this comes down to making it a stronger part of your business. The hype stage is over. Now it is time to put everything into practice. If you need to get started with intranet, click here for more information. 

In the meantime, the following intranet best practices will serve useful. Let’s dive in!

Make Intranet A Personalized Experience For Your Team

Creating a personalized intranet experience is a must when it comes to getting your team onboard. For instance, your development and engineering teams will not be interested in what your human resources and marketing team is discussing.

Every user and team should have a personalized space to help them be effective and efficient. This is what intranet is for afterall. How do you do this? One example would be to give your developers and engineers a feed that discusses what interests them specifically. HR and marketing would get the same.

Here are some general best practices to follow when it comes to intranet personalization:

  • Every team and/or department gets a dedicated subspace within the intranet for their own discussions, collaborations, feedback, and chats.
  • Teams and users need access to chat systems where they can message other team members, like a naturally occuring communication channel they will return daily to use.
  • Give users and teams the ability to follow other teams, users, and information they are interested in, or need, in order to be productive for your business.

Personalization is very important when it comes to utilizing intranet within your business effectively. It will not only keep employees using the intranet, but also improve overall business operations.

Create Accessibility To Calendars And Events

A business has plenty of events to mark on a calendar. There are training sessions, meetings, end of year employee appreciation events, and the list goes on. To keep all your employees on the same page, engaged, and ready for all calendar worthy events, you need to use your business’ intranet.

This can also extend to remote teams and employees as well. Maybe you have a team of developers in Ukraine you would like to live stream in for training. Or it could be having remote employees accessible during an event to send chat messages. All of the above are great ways to better use intranet.

Show Projects In A Transparent Way

Another intranet best practice is to give your employees and project teams full transparency. This can be easily done, but sometimes it is not when it comes to utilizing the real power of your intranet software. Not good, since project management is a must-have for any business to stay competitive. 

Did you know that more businesses are ditching the traditional spreadsheet for more transparent, time efficient project management tools like intranet? This is one of the many project management statistics out there right now. Putting best practices of the intranet at the forefront helps make project management easier. And far more productive, which in turn can benefit your entire business. 

Teams and team leaders can manage tasks and projects easier. Imagine every morning logging into a personalized space to see what tasks are needed for the day, who is involved, and having the means to communicate with everyone effectively. 

Updating Content Across Your Intranet Is A Must

It is a definite intranet best practice to update content on a regular basis. Why? If you don’t, your employees and teams will forget the intranet even exists. And thus they will fail to use it effectively, leaving your business to suffer. 

By updating content regularly, you ensure that sensory adaptation doesn’t happen. They will see fresh content that is personalized to them daily, and they will become more engaged with the intranet software than ever before.

Wrapping Up . . . 

The intranet boasts wide ranging benefits for businesses. However, if best practices are not in place, intranet may become an unused business tool that you simply spent time and money on. The above best practices will get you on your way. How do you ensure your business is using intranet effectively?

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