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7 Ingenious Tech Hacks You Need to Know

How can you get the best ticket prices when making a booking online? What can you use to store your earbuds to avoid those annoying knots? These trivial questions often linger in our minds every day. While technology can be a lifesaver, there are some annoyances that come with it. Thankfully, there are a bunch of tech hacks that will help you to fix these small digital setbacks. Here are 7 gadget related tricks that will surely come in handy.

1. Amplify Your Music with DIY Speakers

This has to be the easiest way to crank up your smartphone’s speaker volume – simply get a clean glass and put your phone in it. You will be surprised at how much more volume you will get out of it. 

If you have more time on your hands, you should give these DIY speakers a go. There are a number of household items that can work, provided they are cylindrical in shape. Take a soda bottle, cut out a hole and a notch. Alternatively, use a toilet roll. You should have your phone’s body size in mind to ensure it fits in the cylinder. These DIY speakers give surprisingly good sound quality.

2. Browse Incognito for Reduced Ticket Prices

Did you know that websites collect cookies to determine booking patterns and raise ticket prices? Hotel and flight companies all use this to determine how much you should pay. To get a better price, simply clear your cookies before browsing. Alternatively, you can browse in incognito mode to get the best deals. 

3. Create a Digital Picture Frame Using an Old Tablet

Have you just bought a new tablet and have no idea what to do with your old one? Create a digital picture frame to place on your hearth and have guests view the best photo slideshows. Simply visit Photosnack and sign up. Photosnack will get a collection of photos from your social media accounts and create an entertaining slideshow for you. 

4. Create a DIY WiFi Booster 

Do you have an old CD and a coat hanger you barely use? You can use these simple items to boost your WiFi signal. You will also need a coaxial cable, glue gun and wire strippers. Fix the antenna to one end of the coaxial cable. Glue the CD to its plastic container and string the coaxial cable with the antenna on it through the hole in the CD. In two simple steps, you will have a booster.

5. Disable Your Roommate’s Alarm with a Simple Call

We have all had that annoying roommate whose alarm goes off at 5 am every single day and rings for what seems like ages. It gets more frustrating when you have to get out of bed to switch it off. Did you know that calling your roommate’s phone at that time will switch off the alarm? Using this hack, there will be no more night waking that leaves you frustrated and sleepless. 

6. Find Your Lost Phone Using Alexa

Who hasn’t misplaced their phone and had a hard time finding it? Whether you have left it on the kitchen counter or under your car seat, you know how frustrating it is to look for it. Thanks to Alexa, you can find your phone faster. When you are home alone, with no one to call your phone and help you find it, simply say “Alexa, find my phone”. Your Amazon Echo will call your phone, and you can follow the ring to find it. 

7. Use Concentration Boosting Tools to Get the Most Out of Your Day

Are you struggling to stay away from social media and get your essay done on time? You can always hire an essay writing service. However, there are a bunch of apps that will block your social networks for a while and allow you to concentrate. SelfControl is one of these tools. As its name suggests, it will help you to achieve the essential self-control to get your work done.

Technology does not always have to be complicated. With hacks that use simple, everyday material, you can get the most out of your digital devices. Ready to book a flight for your vacation? Simply go incognito for the best prices. Whether you need to amplify your music or get some quiet time to do your schoolwork, do not hesitate to use any of these 7 hacks that make life easier. 

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