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In-House SEO Specialist or SEO Agency: Here’s a Complete Guide for 2020

Deciding whether you need an in-house SEO specialist or services SEO agency is tough. Because, in the current digital world, search engine rankings can either make or break your business. Considering the competition in today’s market, it has become crucial to keep an eye on the latest SEO trends and their implementation on your website design. Understanding search engine optimization isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So, there are SEO agencies that do it for you or you can hire a specialist. If you are struggling to decide between the two; continue reading this article.

In-house SEO Specialist


Understand Company

The first benefit of having an in-house SEO expert is that he will be aware of the company’s product or service that needs exposure. This specialist will have a better understanding of budget restrictions, project timing or other functions whereas when you opt for a SEO agency’s service, you will need to explain every factor step by step. Plus, there are always risks of miscommunication too.

Easier to Collaborate

Having an expert in the office makes collaboration quick and easy. The specialist will know who is handling the entire project so he can put forward his ideas or concerns. Thorough communication helps in bringing the desired result which isn’t possible when you’ve outsourced the SEO service.

Pocket-friendly Option

While hiring an in-house SEO expert costs you a monthly salary and benefits, it is still affordable if you estimate the yearly cost. This way, you will have someone available to perform SEO related tasks all day which is better than finding a new expert for each project.


Insufficient Resources

Many SEO experts face a lack of resources that they need to accomplish results. This factor is more common in smaller businesses. 

These resources could be from technical components to insufficient expertise. In-house SEO specialists might bring satisfactory results, but they will always lack the assets, expertise and services that an agency possesses.

Lack of Direction

If an SEO expert is in the early years of his career, it might be difficult for him to strategize a project immediately. He will need time to devise a plan or come up with a direction, especially if he hasn’t worked on a similar kind of project before. In most cases, SEO agencies are supervised by experienced individuals and tackling different kinds of projects isn’t a big deal for them.

SEO Agency


Efficient Tools

SEO agencies are well-equipped with the tools, assets and services that can cover a wide range of projects. Hiring their services means you don’t need to worry about expensive software or even licenses because they have their clients covered.

SEO and More

Using an SEO agency means getting a wide range of services without asking. They can do everything from content marketing to product designing to conversion rate optimization (CRO). Adding extra marketing efforts boosts the impact of SEO which results in ultimate success.

Punctual and Up-to-Date

SEO agencies are always focused on maintaining their reputation and showing their expertise. They want you to contact them again for your next project too. So, they ensure timely delivery. Moreover, SEO agencies earn their bread and butter by selling SEO services so they invest in the business and stay aware of new practices. You might not know what works for your website, but agency experts will guide you to achieve your milestones.


Too Many Clients

Agencies tend to have multiple projects to finish. This factor might affect the quality of their work because they deal with numerous clients at once and so there is a chance that your project might not receive the attention that it requires.

Selecting the Right Agency

With so many options available, choosing an SEO agency isn’t easy. You won’t know their level of expertise until you hire them. Take note that SEO techniques have evolved over the years and will likely change in the future as well. In such a scenario, you need an agency that is familiar with this evolution. So, the best approach is to ask for referrals, go through reviews and projects the agency has delivered.

Bottom Line

Choosing between an in-house SEO specialist and an SEO agency might be confusing. Both options have a separate set of pros and cons. Make sure the option you are considering is competent enough to deliver the best results.

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