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What Are the Best Apps for Sports?

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Real sports buffs always need to be among the first to find out the breaking sports news. Nowadays, it’s quite possible as both the App Store and Google Play deliver a whole selection of the best sports apps. It’s easy to install the preferred ones and receive scores, news coverage, and even watch live streams using your smartphone. Let’s rate some of the most helpful solutions available today. 

5 Sports Apps that won’t Disappoint

1. Bleacher Report

This application is probably the best sports apps. There are plenty of reasons for this. First, the application sends its users game scores. However, it isn’t a mess of all scores from the latest events. Users pick the teams and athletes they prefer and receive relevant data only. Secondly, there is a very convenient feature that sorts all the news to deliver only news users are likely to be interested in. Finally, you can find sports news, scores, photos & videos from the breaking news, etc. The application is free for both iOS and Android devices. However, to use Bleacher Report Live costs $10 per month. The price is cheaper if you pay for a year in advance. The app is dedicated to streaming a selection of sports and leagues including the NBA, UEFA Champions League, etc.


A national-level popular app is available for Android and iOS free of charge. ESPN delivers  sports buffs the latest scoops from the sports world. People can see regularly updated scores and get the latest stories and analysis covered by professionals and experts. There’s one important feature that makers ESPN a highly rated app – it’s very customizable. Make a list of favorites and wait for the software to deliver personalized data. A user can upgrade to ESPN+ which costs about $5 per month and expands the user’s experience by offering live streams, shows, and insider content right in the software.

3. Yahoo Sports

You may know it as Sportacular. The company decided to turn the app into Yahoo Sports and offered it for free to Android and iOS users. The application synchronizes with the site (and your Yahoo account if you have one) and delivers the juiciest news, the latest scores, stats, etc. It stands out from the other sports apps by showing the most detailed statistics for players, teams, and games. A user may also customize what alerts to receive. Have you ever wondered what apps stream live sports? Yahoo Sports is undoubtedly the best sports app to stream MLB and NHL live events.

4. NFL

The National Football League has also created a dedicated app to share data with sports fans. Both scores and news get appear instantly. This program is also free for all smartphone users. The customization of the newsfeed, live streams of some events, notifications, and several other extras make it an appealing choice. Also, if a user missed a highly-anticipated game, the software will deliver video highlights to bring the user up to speed.  

5. theScore

This software has it all: breaking news, exciting stories, professional analyses, and the latest scores. However, it stands out with a dedicated calendar that marks upcoming sports events and helps users track and never miss an important game. A user can also create a list of  preferred teams and players to get customized alerts and related news. The application impresses with stories, highlights, and stats that can be easily shared on social media. Like the other applications, it works on the main platforms.

In case you failed to find the app you are searching for in the above list, you may want to take a quick look at other sports apps that are also widely used. 

  • Fox Sports Go is a perfect way to watch live streams on the go. It’s easy to watch the network’s live coverage wherever you are as long as you have a stable Internet connection. As a rule, live streams include Thursday nights with Major League Baseball and NFL games. However, there is also coverage of college football events. The only drawback some users are sure to face is the necessity to log in with their cable provider for live streams. 
  • Thuuz Sports is a perfect choice for people who often fail to remember game schedules. Get messages or alarms about upcoming matches on your device (tablet or smartphone). This application also shows when and where the live stream is happening to help pick a suitable option. It uses a new algorithm to deliver relevant news stories and rate the excitement around each match. 
  • CBS Sports also allows customization. Sports news, scores, statistics, and analytics – everything a sports fan needs within one application. Stream live events like NCAA, basketball, the PGA Tour, etc. In addition, CBS Sports also has on-demand features to deliver more profound data. Use the software to access CSB Radio or the CSB Sports HQ channel. 


A smartphone with sports apps is a must-have for every sports buff. It’s essential for those who want to keep their fingers on the pulse of sports. There is no need to think about who won the match when all the information is at one’s fingertips. The best sports apps gather the latest events, stats, podcasts, and videos. In case you were wondering which apps stream live sports, you now have a list of options from which to choose. This year the top 5 sports apps include Bleacher Report, ESPN, Yahoo Sports, NFL, and theScore. Yet, the app markets are full of other decent options that can bring the world of sports news & stats to you wherever you are.

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