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Advantages & Disadvantages of GS1 Barcodes

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 GS1 South Africa barcodes are busy taking the world by storm.  They are changing the way we run our businesses, how we make payments as well as how we interpret the world as a whole.  At first, people resisted this new technology. Change and development can be scary.  Conspiracy theorists spread their beliefs about how barcodes are from the devil or that barcodes are a means to control the masses.  However, the more people experienced how barcodes make our lives easier, the more people started to accept barcodes as part of everyday existence.  In fact, these days we take them for granted.  

There are many advantages and disadvantages of barcodes. One of the most important decisions when starting your own business is whether or not to invest in barcodes or not.  Before you make this decision, it is important to investigate both the pros and cons of investing in barcodes for your small business.  In this blog, we have set out both the advantages and the disadvantages so that you can make an educated decision. 

Advantages of Investing In GS1 Barcodes

  • Using barcodes in your business assists with effective and efficient stock control.  When you buy a barcode it gives you the means to effectively control what comes in or out of your store.  Each item’s barcode is registered on the computer sales system and when that particular item is sold – the stock level is adjusted accordingly.  This also assists in determining whether there is any stock theft or shoplifting occurring.   You can then put in steps to curb the theft and thus decrease any losses. 
  • In the past, in order to do a full inventory count, it was necessary for stores to shut down for the duration of the stock count.  Closing down the store means loss of business and therefore a much lower profit.   Using barcodes means that you don’t have to close down the store in order to do inventory control.   This saves both time and money. 
  • Barcodes have made the whole sales process much smoother and far more efficient.  Instead of manually searching for items on the sales system, all the retail assistant has to do is scan the barcode.  This results in fewer mistakes and therefore higher profits.  These days, people do not have a lot of time to spare and resent wasting time waiting in long queues.  They would rather go somewhere else – where there is a shorter queue and they are helped more efficiently.  Therefore, by using barcodes SA in your business, you are saving time and therefore keeping customers happy and loyal. 
  • Barcodes give the business a professional reputation.  It makes people take the business seriously. 
  • It does not take long for retail assistants to master scanning of barcodes using the handheld barcode scanner (otherwise called the Laser scanner) and therefore there is less training time needed.  Staff can get straight into the business of making money without the owner having to spend large amounts of time training them. 
  • Barcodes are used in every industry and arena of life.  They are used in the Medical industry in order to improve the quality of patient care.  In prisons, they are used to monitor and control the inmates and provide a healthy environment in order to promote rehabilitation.   They are used in schools to control access to the school grounds and thus protect the school students.   Artists and architects use them as inspiration to create masterpieces.  They are used in the manufacturing business to streamline and control the production of the end product.  They are even used in Nature Conservation and the Media industry.  Barcodes are versatile and flexible and have become indispensable in modern day society.

Disadvantages of Investing In GS1 Barcodes

  • Some business owners decide not to invest in barcodes for their business due to the cost. It is necessary to buy barcodes for each variety, size and type of product.  They fear that the risk is too high. It is also necessary to buy a barcode scanner in order to use barcodes in your business. 
  • If the barcode is too small or too big or damaged in any way, it will not be able to be scanned. Similarly if your barcodes are not of the best quality, it will also be tricky to scan them.  This will result in frustration and wasted investment.

Here at Buy Barcodes South Africa, we provide top quality GS1 barcodes at the most affordable prices.  Therefore, it is no longer necessary to worry about the cost of registering for barcodes. We also provide fantastic customer service and we will assist you through the whole process.   We will guide you with the recommended size of your barcodes and ensure that your investment into barcodes is not wasted.  As you can see the advantages of barcodes far outweigh the disadvantages.  If you would like your business to grow and develop, acquiring barcodes is a critical step to take.   You will not be disappointed if you choose Buy Barcodes as your barcode supplier. 

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