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7 Steps to a Killer Facebook Page

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As a small business owner, you know that you need to embrace social media and other digital marketing. So you have probably done your duty and put together a business Facebook page. You may be disappointed with your efforts and the lack of increased revenue. If you are not seeing the results you expected from your page, it may be due to some missing components that successful Facebook business entries need. Luckily, you can strengthen your Facebook presence without being a social media expert. You just need to complete a few enhancements.

1. Choose a Dynamic Cover Photo

Your Facebook page needs to have visual appeal, and the cover photo is vital to attracting the eye of potential customers. It takes up almost a quarter of the computer screen, so it needs to be effective. You should choose a photo that works with the Facebook dimensions of 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall for computers and 640 x 360 for mobile devices. Facebook will take your photo and stretch it to fit these dimensions, making it look odd in some instances. Fortunately, you can download free templates that will help you choose the right cover photo to fit Facebook standards.

The same advice is applicable to your profile picture as well. It needs to be of the highest quality and also work with Facebook size requirements.

2. Integrate Facebook Shop

You need to make it simple for customers to purchase your products. Facebook Shop makes that step easy. This function allows you to integrate your current e-commerce platform so you can sell your items directly through Facebook.

In order to add Facebook Shop into your business page, you must already have a page created. From there, you can integrate your existing e-commerce platform into Facebook Shop, allowing you to configure your Facebook store, sell products directly on Facebook, and more. Facebook also allows you to use other helpful add-ons like Facebook chatbots.

3. Integrate with Instagram

Small business owners often neglect the visual element to their Facebook page. One simple way to address this problem is to link your Instagram page to your Business Facebook (If you do not have an Instagram page, you need to get one.) 

Once you’ve linked the two, any photos you post on Instagram will automatically be posted on your Facebook page. This process helps you make your page much more interesting without wasting time double-posting.

4. Encourage Likes

To some business owners, asking for likes may feel uncomfortable. But even your biggest Facebook fans need to be reminded to complete this simple act. When they do like your page, most will automatically become a follower. Followers are much more likely to purchase your products or services because you can instantly reach them with discounts and other sale incentives. Plus, the more likes you get, the more brand awareness you create.

5. Pin Your Posts

With each new Facebook post, your previous posts are pushed toward the bottom of your page. Often, this process is not an issue since the latest content is usually what you want to push. Sometimes, though, you will post something like a blog, contest, or special that needs to stay at the top of your page for more than a day or a few hours. In that case, you can pin your post so that it remains at the top for seven days. You should find that option when you click on the menu in the upper right hand of your post.

6. Add a Button

You can add buttons to your page simply by going to the upper right-hand corner and clicking on “+Add a Button.” You then tie these buttons to certain actions that you want your customers to perform. You can give them a button to contact customer service, make a purchase, or download an app. Customers like having shortcuts that immediately take them to where they want to go. Make things simple and you sell more products or services.

7. Update Your About Us Section

Too many small business owners create a business Facebook page and then fail to keep it current. A successful business is constantly adapting to the marketplace by adding services, eliminating others and, sometimes, changing their focus completely. Your About Us section needs to truly reflect the current status of your business. Take a good look at this section at least once every six months and make changes as needed.

Your business “Facebook page” is essential to your business’ success. If you are not maximizing your social media presence, you are giving up ground to your competitors, who are certainly using every digital marketing method that they possibly can. Facebook allows you to do much more than create a basic page. 

You can use a number of free add-ons to make your page more appealing and easier to use for your current and potential customers. Just a few hours of effort on your part each week can enhance your business efforts.

Although Facebook has taken some hits in the media, recently, do not make the mistake of thinking it is “over.” Facebook is still an integral part of many consumers’ lives. If you aren’t active on Facebook, they will simply look elsewhere to spend their money.

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