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Top 3 Marketing Tools Your Business Needs Today

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With online business constantly changing, there are many tools that you need to be aware of that can help your marketing effort tremendously. Of course, one of these might be familiar or you may have seen a commercial about them, but the important thing is each of them will be able to simplify your management of projects and presence on social media.


When you use email marketing, you are among the 85% of companies who also utilize B2C and B2B strategies.

Knowing this, you should not be waiting around to get a piece of the pie. What you should be doing is putting together a strategy right from the start.

MailChimp has millions of customers, so it is no wonder that it is listed among the world’s best in providing email marketing to businesses. Although many others exist, there are a few reasons why MailChimp continues to be great:

• A long history in email marketing that goes all the way to 2001.
• Support based on self-service so your questions can be answered quickly.
• With a free plan there is no >small investment in the business required.

It is for these reasons why you are able to begin a great email marketing strategy right from the start. It truly is simple and free.


With HubSpot, they have been able to be successful through the use of CRM software, sales, and marketing.

However, we will concentrate on their solutions for marketing software because of it being an important part that needs to be properly working. When this software is available, you are able to use tools that can assist with the following:

• Analytics
• Email
• Automation
• Landing pages
• Managing leads
• Website
• Social Media
• Blogging

this much available, there really is not much left to say that HubSpot doesn’t cover with their unique software. This is what makes them a great option when your business begins to take off.


If content marketing sounds foreign to you, then you are not alone. However, it is not what you might think it to be as many have thought of it as being another social network.

This is why, in actuality, it is a great tool that an entire business’s marketing department can use.

With Trello, you get a tool that can manage all of your projects together so that the whole team knows what is going on and who is doing what.

A great example of this is the ability to share content with others prior to them being published. This allows it to receive input from other team members so that the best information gets distributed.

Trello also provides for the sharing of information in one location. You just set up boards for the content and then invite those who you want to share the information or project with.

Although Trello is among many of its kind, the others are far behind the curve when it comes to the same abilities that Trello provides to a marketing team.

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