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7 Essential Influencer Marketing Tools to Use in 2020

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Do you know businesses are making $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing? From custom writing websites offering help with dissertation writing and other academic projects to other E-commerce entities; every business unit on the internet looks for market influencers to endorse their products and services among a wider base of followers. The idea is to convert all potential followers of the influencer into loyal customers in the long run.

This pretty well sums up the fact that influencer marketing is the latest trend to be embraced by most of the new-age marketers. As a result, with a remarkable increase in demand for influencer marketing across the globe, 61% of marketers are reportedly finding relevant influencers for a particular marketing campaign difficult. 

Now that you too are among those 61% marketers who find the task of roping in helpful influencers for marketing campaigns difficult, read through this blog. It comprises comprehensive insights into the seven most productive influencer marketing tools of 2020. Consider utilising their potential and stay ahead of the game with coveted ROI at the end of every financial year.

1. BuzzSumo

If you are on the lookout for tools that can boost your influencer marketing campaign with helpful data and easy-to-track industry insights, then go for BuzzSumo. 

Key Features 

  • The tool allows users to sort all prospective influencers by parameters such as Page Authority, Domain Authority, Average Re-tweets, Reply Ratio, Instagram Authority and more. 
  • The advanced interface allows users to keep track of influencers and their expertise, all at one place. 
  • Simply click on the “Influencers” tab included in the application. You will eventually be redirected to the page from where you can gain control and identify influencers across different social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the like. 

Pricing: BuzzSumo offers a 7 day free trial. The Pro version is available for $99 per month. While the “Enterprise” version comes for $499+ per month. 

Download Link: https://buzzsumo.com/

2. FameBit

Talking of the best influencer marketing tools of 2020, FameBit certainly gets a special mention. It has some extraordinary features that help users carry out effective influencer marketing campaigns. 

Key Features: 

  • The tool allows you to get closer to thousands of writers, producers and content distributors having a large number of engaged followers. 
  • FameBit makes finding paid sponsorships easier. 
  • You can set your budget, select creators and grow customers with the help of this tool. 
  • Once you create a campaign by selecting an ideal platform, you will receive proposals from content creators. You can select creators according to your requirements and make the most of the influencer marketing techniques in today’s competitive environment. 

Pricing: FameBit charges a 10% fee for hiring an influencer.  For example, if you rope in an influencer for $100, the actual charge asked by the application would be approximately $110. 

Download Link: FameBit – Google Play

3. NinjaOutreach

This one-in-all influencer tool should be your choice of the day if targeting a large base of marketing influencers around the world is your primary objective. 

Key Features: 

  • Simply type in your keywords and look for famous influencers in your niche. 
  • Get instant access to more than 25 million bloggers and social media influencers. 
  • With NinjaOutreach, you get to filter all searches by tags like companies, influencers and bloggers. 
  • The tool offers customised templates as well. This will help you to launch automated email outreach campaigns effectively. 
  • The custom templates, in addition, also make sure that every message you send to your influencer is entirely meant for him/her with a touch of personalisation. 

Pricing: The NinjaOutreach Pro version starts at $99.00 per month. You can rope in the basic version for $69.00 per month.

Download Link: NinjaOutreach – Chrome Extension

4. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is yet another influencer marketing tool that will help you rope in influencers to create that much needed “buzz” among your potential customers.  The tool is apparently the best choice for marketers focusing on influencer research to stay ahead of their competitors. 

Key Features: 

  • The tool allows users to easily navigate a prospect list, add contacts, and automatically add websites and other metrics you may want to review while looking for influencers online.
  • BuzzStream gives you a full image of the potential influencer you would root for. 
  • In addition, the tool highlights the influencer’s website and social media presence in the search result.
  • The application also helps users manage influencer marketing on the basis of filterable prospect lists. 
  • You can track data on how effectively your outreach efforts are working. 

Pricing: The “Starter Plan” is available for $24 per month, while the “Professional” package comes for $299 per month. 

Download Link: www.BuzzStream.com  

5. Pitchbox

Pitchbox has been tagged as one of the most potent influencer outreach and content marketing platforms. The tool allows you to find bloggers and social media influencers in no time. 

Key Features: 

  • Pitchbox fosters customisable, personalised influencer outreach and follow ups. 
  • The enriched database allows users to make data-driven decisions in a better and more effective way. 
  • New users can book a demo of how the tool works. 
  • Integration with SEO essentials such as SEMRush, Moz and Majestic helps users filter all potential influencers in accordance with different marketing requirements. 
  • You can also send personalised outreach emails with the help of Pitchbox. 

Pricing: Pitchbox offers fully customizable subscriptions. 

Download Link: https://pitchbox.com/

6. Klear

If you want to use a tool that allows users to find influencers who are already engaging with them and those who are within the network, go for Klear. 

Key Features: 

  • The tool allows its users to “Find”, “Analyse”, “Manage”, “Connect” and “Measure” influencer outreach in a uniform manner. 
  • Advanced search filters allow users to sort priorities by Influence Tier, Social Channel, Audience Demographics and more. 
  • The application comes with other add-ons such as blog posts, market case studies and white papers. 

Pricing: Klear is available at a base price of $249 per month. 

Download Link: www.Klear.com

7. FollowerWonk.com

FollowerWonk is an effective influencer marketing tool that finds, analyses, and optimises all search results in an organised way. The handy analytics features of this tool make it an ideal choice for ambitious marketers trying to explore the potential of influencer-driven campaigns. 

Key Features: 

  • The application allows you to search for keywords in Twitter bios, sort out and find those with the largest reach and highest authority. 
  • You can use this tool in order to keep track of or identify social media influencers who are following your market rivals but not you. 
  • You can also contrast your relationship with other competitors and friends within your industry niche. 

Pricing:  FollowerWonk pricing starts at $29.00 per month and the Multitask package is available at $79 per month. 

Download Link: FollowerWonk.com 

In Conclusion 

With nearly half the world’s population (3.8 billion people) actively using social media channels, influencer marketing is only expected to grow stronger and more effective in the upcoming years. The world of marketing and communication will be leaning on the efficiency of more  such tools as noted above. 

Now that you are aware of the seven best influencer marketing tools to count on this year, pick your application from the list mentioned above, see if the platform suits your market niche and watch your business get its coveted exposure. 

Good luck!

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