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3 Ways to Improve your Shopify Site

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms these days. Some of the benefits of using Shopify are their extensive app store with thousands of apps for every part of your business, easy setup, and a fantastic 24/7 customer service team. 

Here are the top 3 tips to help you improve your Shopify store:

1. Work on your Shopify SEO

The first thing that you should look at is your SEO or search engine optimisation. Though your Shopify site might already have some features built-in for you it’s important that you check everything and make sure that it’s optimized. On-page SEO is the first area of business and this is what all of the Shopify SEO experts would tell you.

On-page SEO includes checking things like title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords. Is everything optimized or do you have fill-in text that you forgot to change? Check that you are using H2 and H3 tags properly. Make sure that your URL structure makes sense across your entire site. 

There are several Shopify apps that will help you to optimize SEO like SEO Image Optimizer and Smart SEO

2. Decrease cart abandonment

One of the most powerful (and often overlooked) ways to increase your profit is by making sure that you have cart abandonment marketing in place. These are campaigns that target customers that have added something to their cart on your site and then left abruptly (without saying goodbye). 

Luckily, some of them have already given you their email addresses so you could easily set up email marketing flows targeting them, offering them the same products that they have added to their carts.

You should also set up some exit popups that will trigger when the user is about to leave your site. Another great way to decrease cart abandonment is to send out SMS text messages or push notifications to bring those customers back by offering them discounts. 

3. Use heat maps and test often

After you’ve done some of these changes and optimizations it’s important to look at your site’s design and user experience. Most people rush into making changes quickly without seeing the data of actual user behaviour. So before you hire a designer download a heat map app like Lucky Orange and record a thousand more user experiences on your site.

Using a heat map will show you what your site visitors are actually doing, what they are clicking on, and what areas of your site are not being used or seen that often. Using this data you will be able to make small design changes and A/B test everything as you go. Then you will have incremental change and a much more affordable redesign process. 

Remember to A/B test your site regularly in order to continue optimizing it. Only you know what your audience is interested in and having data to help you along the way is key. 


Shopify is a fantastic e-commerce platform but it’s not a one-time setup. You need to continue testing and optimizing your site to improve your sales over time. If you work on your Shopify SEO, create campaigns that decrease cart abandonment and use heat maps you will see a steady increase in your sales and business growth.

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