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Why Is Instagram Hashtag Generator a Necessity Today?

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How many times did you ask yourself, “What on Earth should I do to stand out from the crowd on Instagram?”

That’s right, Instagram is enormously large, the competition there is killing! It kills all the lazy users who want quick fame but do nothing for this.

Yes, to succeed, you need to use your intelligence, search for ways, try things out. 

According to marketers, hashtags are the only one stable and free(!) tool for promotion. But to put blind trust on random hashtags is wrong. It’s deadly for your promo campaigns.

Instagram hashtag generator exists just because of that. Let’s dive into this question!

What is an Instagram hashtag generator?

Instagram hashtag generator is a web tool based on artificial intelligence algorithms. Thanks to them, it can generate a comprehensive list of hashtags by image, keywords and IG post URL. 

You will get not only the hashtags but the analytical info about each of them: Hashtag difficulty and volume. 

Difficulty (high, medium and low) shows if it’s possible to get noticed and increase post visibility with this hashtag. 

Volume is the number of posts with the hashtag.

The higher the volume, the higher the difficulty. As a result, low chances to increase reach.

How to do the hashtag search with it?

Working with such a tool is easy. You upload a photo you are going to publish, paste a link to a post which is already published, or enter keywords which describe your post/photo; click Generate and then just pick up the tag to your liking and paste them to your caption.

There you have to know what hashtags exactly you need to pick up.

You have 30 hashtags as a limit. Your best choice will be:

  • to choose a couple of High Difficulty tags — they are the most trendy, but perform not for long;
  • to mix them with a couple of Mid Difficulty tags — they are still popular, but your post will be in top longer;
  • to put emphasis on Low Difficulty tags — they are narrow and attract the target audience for a long period of time.

Such a combination will benefit you the most.

How hashtag finder benefits your promo strategy?

There are two major benefits you get — time economy and effectivity.

Hashtag finder makes the search convenient and fast. You save your time. A couple of clicks and you have the best combination of hashtags for your post —no need to think up hashtags and track their popularity — only simple mechanical finger movements.

It provides an analysis of hashtags. You can estimate in advance whether it’s worth using or not and create the best tag-use strategy. Thus, your promotion becomes more efficient:

  • you increase the reach of your posts and get more impressions;
  • you get more likes, comments and fans;
  • the activity on your page grows;
  • Instagram promotes you to users’ Explore.

You draw the target audience as the hashtags finder picks up for you the most relevant and proper tags:

  • the engagement of your audience grows;
  • that activity on your page grows even more.

Any tips or tricks?

There is a lot of cunning can be invented, but the first thing you need to do is to use different hashtags in your posts. It’s so ridiculous to use the same set of hashtags from post to post and hope that new people will come and notice you.

If you do business, create your branded hashtag for your company and for every promo campaign. It will give value to your brand name. 

And the last one — track the result which hashtags bring to you. You can check it by clicking View Insights under your post. You will see how many impressions you get from hashtags. If the percent of the total is low, review your strategy. Continue experimenting. 

Concluding all above

Why is the Instagram hashtag generator a necessity today? It’s the only tool that helps you grow on Instagram ORGANICALLY!

No bots, no tricks. You have the strategy and this tool helps you do business fast. You save time and can focus on more vital issues like your content plan or communication with followers.

Be consistent, publish regularly, generate hashtags and grow on Instagram faster.

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