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10 Essential Social Media Marketing Tips for your Business


Surely, you are quite aware of this pandemic, even if your country has not yet been affected by it. You must have heard about how to prevent getting infected, what natural remedies help fight against it, and this and that and what not! 

No need to worry, this article is not about the virus. It’s about one of the sources of all that information; Social Media.

Social media has become the epicenter of our lives and all the information we receive daily. What makes it so effective in spreading the word is the element of personalization and the factor of common interests. 

Because of these reasons, social media marketing has now become the most essential and effective part of overall digital marketing. It wouldn’t be too much to say that social media covers most parts of a digital marketing campaign.

Before you start to market your business or products on social media, you need to understand how it works, what’s trending, and how you can use social media for your business. 

The first thing you must never forget is; keep yourself updated on the new trends, tools, and targeting metrics. 

Social media is not a static platform; it keeps on evolving. A campaign that may have worked great in the last month may not be effective at all today. Several things will help you every time you design a campaign or devise a social media marketing strategy.

Keeping these basic dos in mind, let’s take a look at a list of 10 most effective social media marketing tips:

1. Set Attainable Goals and Objectives

Setting goals is as essential as the strategy itself. If you are unaware of what your specific goals are, you cannot do proper planning. 

Moreover, clear goals help you identify milestones, which in turn help measure the effectiveness of your campaign. And also, your social media marketing objectives must align with your overall digital marketing goals.

According to Forbes, you are 30 times more likely to be successful if you identify your goals.

2. Identify your Target Audience:

Identifying and understanding your target audience is crucial if you want fruitful outcomes from your social media strategy. 

Connecting with them is essential, and it becomes more comfortable if you give them something they can relate to. 

According to Sprout Social, 75.3% of people buy services or products through social media.

Marketing your business or product in a way that addresses the needs of your audience, linking to their daily routine is the key to boosting your profit graph upwards. People do not respond to just any ad; you need to connect with their personal lives.

3. Learn From Your Competitors Success and Failures

To learn from your competitors, you have to research what they do for their social media marketing. Analyze their previous campaigns. Find out why a specific campaign was successful or a failure. 

This will help you attain more knowledge in less time. Also, it will keep you updated on the market trends, likes and dislikes of your potential customers, and much more.

4. Choose the right Platform

Social media is like a universe with several planets – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and a few others. 

If you want your business to excel, you need to be on the right planet. Not every Platform is fertile for all types of businesses. 

Nevertheless, you should try to maintain a presence on all platforms for brand recognition.

For example, you may think that today’s youth is more fond of Instagram and Snapchat. However, recent research shows that 84% of millennials still use Facebook. It’s essential to conduct thorough research before executing any new campaign.

5. Use more Visual Content

Research called “Wyzowl Study” shows that we remember only 20% of what we read and 80% of what we see. 

Other research also shows that images are the most powerful social media strategy. But, not every image is worth a thousand words. 

Especially when it comes to businesses, finding just the right image is a skill acquired over time. 

If you know where to knock, things become pretty simple. For social media posts, you must use vibrant and relevant images. Various sites offer a fantastic collection of free images.

6. Run Contests and Boost Your Engagements

If you are having trouble getting the desired views and engagements, try using contests. 

Making an effective contest is one of the most successful ways to lure in your audience. It will mark not only a considerable increase in your online engagements but also aid in your brand awareness and recognition campaigns.

Don’t forget to add a reward for the winner, such as KFC vouchers. Who doesn’t love a free bite, right?

To devise a contest, you should keep the following in mind. 

  • Identify your goals which you want to achieve from the contest
  • Decide on a social media platform
  • Come up with the type of contest that will help you

7. Use Videos Frequently

Even if you are new to social media marketing, you know how useful videos are.

Just like images are better than text, videos are more engaging than static images. 

You can use videos to introduce your brand for building a connection with your customers and whatnot. 

If you have just the right storyboard in your hands, it is undoubtedly going to work. 

8. Promotion is Essential

You can come up with the wildest of ideas, craft up a perfect strategy, and design mind-blowing stuff. 

But, if you don’t get it to the right eyes and ears, all of your efforts will go down the drain. 

That is precisely why promotion is essential. There are separate tools for running promotions on different social media platforms. 

And of course, promotions are not totally free. But spending a penny can earn you more than a couple of dollars. So, it is cost-effective too.

You can cross-promote between your social profiles, which will be organic promotion. 

For promotions, you should get together with influencers in your industry. 

Remember to take a SEO-driven approach; use relevant hashtags and keywords in titles and descriptions. 

9. Maintain a Social Media Calendar

You must have heard a famous business quote; “failing to plan is planning to fail,” right?

When you don’t have a step-by-step guide or plan on how you will be executing your strategy, what goals are you targeting, and when?

Then no matter what you do, without a clear pathway or plan, you may fail in social media marketing or in any other type of digital marketing.

For social media marketing, there are numerous online tools for managing your social media marketing. For example, you can use Social Pilot, Zoho, and many more to schedule your posts to publish on time for an optimal outcome. 

Maintaining a social media calendar not only helps you schedule or publish your content, but it also helps keep track of the views and engagements.

10. Record Feedback

This may be the most essential tip for your next campaign; Feedback! You need to learn from the shortcomings of your previous campaigns.

Also, you can use a specific USP that made the previous campaign successful. Feedback helps you understand your audiences more clearly. 

You can identify their needs and then come back with a better and more relatable campaign, which will surely grab the target audience’s attention. 

Wrapping Up

There are many more tips when it comes to increasing social media traction, but the ones mentioned here will give you a well-directed jump-start, Another parting tip; combine all your marketing channels. 

Well, you need to have clear objectives, and all your marketing channels must follow the same goals. Moreover, you may use unique designs on all social media platforms, but the unique selling point used, or the theme of the campaign must remain the same on all platforms.

Now, keeping all the above-given tips in mind, you can craft out a perfect marketing campaign to give a boost to your business or product promotion.  Good luck!

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