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Apple’s New Educational Apps to Keep Kids Occupied During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic has resulted in many countries closing schools and workplaces in a bid to stem the spread of the coronavirus, leading to parents having to adjust to a homebased lifestyle, including finding activities to keep their children occupied. In this article, we look at how Apple has a list of interactive apps that cater to educating children in a fun and interesting way, which many parents can adopt during this period.

The Apple product line for kids is a great place to start when it comes to shopping for the best of products for your child. Apple’s iBooks has introduced a brilliant new range of Apple apps for education. It is now easier than ever to buy these books, create and personalise them using your own preferences, and share them with others. Even if you are just teaching yourself the basics, these games are an ideal way to teach yourself an area of study. 

Here we look at three different books that are designed for various areas of learning to help your kids during this stay-home period.


One of the areas of learning that is usually overlooked is Mathematics. Some of the Apple apps for education that are available will help to teach you how to read a number of different numbers, such as to name them, and the more complicated ones such as real numbers and shapes.

One book that is designed for mathematics is Math Facts for Teachers by Jenny Maclagan. She takes you through the different topics of learning such as counting and subtraction, then shows you how to count the numbers up yourself, showing you that these days everyone can do it. You’ll find that children are often very slow when it comes to these sorts of math tasks. This book will make it much easier for them to grasp these tasks and will help to develop their skills.


Colour by Susie Woods can be used to teach children different aspects of colours, including the right method of mixing them. This book can also be used to teach children how to read and colour, but with a twist. This book will introduce children to colouring which they may never have done before. With colour, these young people will learn the tools and methods of recognizing different colours, as well as being introduced to the concepts of colours themselves.

Older children might find this book less interesting, but younger children will enjoy all the facts and great pictures found in this book. Some of the practices used in the book are great as well, so parents and educators should look into some other books online version for  added educational content.


Reading is one of the areas of learning that is always going to be at the top of the list for children. Books that can help you teach your child how to read will not only help them learn the concept, but will also develop their confidence.

There are many different types of books that can be used for teaching the different types of reading. Although there are hundreds of books on the topic, here are a few of the better ones.

1. Skilled Spelling is an excellent example of a book that can teach children to spell. It starts off with the basics of spelling and becomes progressively more advanced in a series of games that will improve the spelling skills of your child. This book has been reviewed by the International Reading Association as the best.

2. Learning How to Read by Diane Yuck is another great book that uses games to teach the importance of learning to read. This book is an illustrated guide that will introduce you to the basics of reading, as well as introducing phonics. It is one of the most popular reading books that is available today.

Reading is always important to teach kids, but when you can get some really good Apple apps for education books that are specially designed to help you teach the subject, then you may want to consider these too.

3. Learning to write is important to all children and there are Apple educational apps specifically designed for this purpose. The ABC’s of Writing by Linda J.Dann is one of the better books available in this category.

4. Another set of books that is designed to help children learn how to read is Teaching Children to Read, 2nd Edition by Gail S. Bower. Here you will find ways to teach your child how to read phonetically, and how the letters are written.


There is also a favorite interactive game that is used in the classroom today. This game is known as Trivial Pursuit and is a great game to help children learn about math. The parent has to complete several different challenges in order to get the answer. There are many of these games available online and parents are able to access these games for free.

Parents and educators will find plenty of fun ideas that can be found in these interactive books, games, and toys. There are also many books geared towards older children with topics ranging from animals to dinosaurs.

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