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Ways in which Texting Streamlines Your Business Communication

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A lot of companies adopt business SMS to improve customer-facing communications, with excellent results. Most organizations try to get by using group texting to communicate with employees. In today’s diverse workplace, efficient internal communication can mean the success or failure of a company. However, they can also benefit from using business texting within their internal operations. Some companies have even reported seeing team labor needs decrease by twenty five percent, while sales increased by twenty five percent. Several good text messaging platforms exist for your organization to text message with employees without group texting them.

Broadcasting refers to mass texting, which differs from group chats. Everyone gets the message at the same time, but the message sends to each employee’s phone individually. And if they reply, only the sender gets it. Business text messaging speeds up internal communications. Effective communication between employees can enable an organization to fully maximize the knowledge, insights, and skills of its people. This can be especially useful for urgent messages. 

First, tag employees by the department they work in to categorize your messages. This is because they can perform their tasks more efficiently and collaborate more and better while doing their job on channels they are most comfortable with. Integrations with internal chat apps, like Slack and email, help speed up response times, too.

One employee needs to be in charge of using the text messaging platform to streamline text messages sent out, to help you establish a workplace where employees can communicate and collaborate effectively. These integrations let team members send and receive messages through whatever system they feel most comfortable while empowering them to keep track of all their messages in one place. 

Some things are better sent in an email and some things are better sent as a text. Text messaging, chat apps, email, or social media platforms will do more harm than good for your employees’ productivity if you don’t have an established system for their use. 

Some business texting platforms offer texting through their iOS and Android apps in case employees prefer mobile communications as opposed to computer-based communications. 

Things to text: meeting reminders, scheduling updates, or any other crucial or time-sensitive information. Include links to map directions, or whatever you want. Though email is notorious for this, other channels can also consume more of your employees’ time than they free up, if employees constantly keep monitoring their inbox throughout the day.

Adopting this kind of personalized yet centralized communications system can help professionals both organize and prioritize their interactions with one another.  Legally you can’t include people in a mass text message using a text messaging platform if you don’t have their consent so ask them to opt-in. 

It’s also essential for every employee to understand the specifics of each channel. Any technician or contractor communications can be sent, received, and tracked through these apps. 

Send simple, and to-the-point texts. Make texting so ubiquitous in your organization culture that it’s used as a formal communication method. The point of communicating with a text message within your organization is to give employees important bits of information that sending in an email would be ridiculous. Business text messaging, for instance, should only be used for urgent matters, while company chat apps should be utilized more freely for employee collaboration.

Technicians can belong to their lists within the business text messaging system, and receive scheduling or project details through individual or mass texts. Text employees at regular times or intervals throughout the day or workweek. There is nothing worse than not knowing when important information is coming and waiting around for it. Don’t do this to your employees. This way important text messages aren’t missed.

More and more businesses are using text messaging as a core communication channel within their organizations and with consumers. Many managers find that business text messaging platforms are especially helpful for training needs. Some text message platforms even offer a calendar of scheduled messages.

Text messaging is becoming the preferred method of communication over phone calls in most personal interactions and scheduling text messages can make your life a lot simpler. If managers need to organize and relay training schedules, they can create lists of contacts for certain shifts and text reminders in bulk. It saves you time and headaches in the future when things get busier. 

Texting also eliminates the hassle of having to call a lot of numbers, wait on hold and be transferred from department to department. Business text messaging platforms also allow customer service teams to easily respond to and monitor incoming messages within shared inboxes. With text business communication you can keep everyone in the loop on important news, updates and changes without having to pull them away from their day to day duties.

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