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The 7 Qualities To Look For While Hiring An Android Developer

Between the duopoly of Android and iOS, there is enough compelling reason to go with Android app development. The progressive technology operates on billions of devices all

over the globe, sending high waves of demand to hire android developer. With a huge percentage of market share in operating systems, it is clear why Android is the preferred alternative.

Building an Android compatible application implies converting an astute idea into an asset. You must push your search between the assemblage of talent to find brilliant minds for this venture. With the right specs and skills, an able Android Developer will be able to complement the expectations of your project.

For a successful hiring drive, these qualities are the leading drivers for the selection of a skillful Android Developer.

Qualities to Seek in an Android Developer

Must Possess The Requisite Technical Skills

This goes without saying that the entirety of your hiring rests in no small extent on the technical qualification of the candidate. Native Android app development tools like Java and Android Studio consist of know-how, which the developer must be well versed with.

Similarly, knowledge of Kotlin expertise is vital to the success of the process. The Developer must be skilled in SDK elements like density, screen size, and storage of data. Working with API and familiarity with various developer resources is crucial to the success of a project.

To be on the safer side, you must also inquire about the Minimum Viable Product delivery of the candidate as per their development policy. These and many other technical aspects of developing an Android App pose specific challenges for any project. It makes sense to comprehend the ability of a developer before assigning any job to them.

Listens Just as Well as They Perform

Your preferred Android Developer might be good with their brains and technical skills. This, however, does not imply that you no longer have any say in how things ought to be done. As the recruiter, the flow of directions will always go through you to the developer and not the other way round.

For this equation to work, your chosen candidate needs to be patient enough to listen and understand the requirements clearly. This will put things in a better perspective for the entire operation. The Android Developer will undoubtedly use their refined skills, but they must be able to do so within the framework of directions laid down by you.

Should be able to Manage and Plan

Every app development activity must follow a timeline within which it would be designed and launched. For that, you need a developer who knows what to do and how to do it in time.

To make your recruiting effort fruitful, seek an Android Developer who feels a sense of project ownership towards your undertaking. It will be fair to expect adherence to timelines and guidelines from comparable candidates.

Can Communicate Efficiently

It may not weigh any importance for you in the beginning, but it is essential to hire a capable Android app developer who communicates just as effectively. Seamless communication is a vital link to ensure that the app development process progresses smoothly. It should happen within responsible parameters promptly.

You can look for someone responsive to your queries and eager to put up questions relating to your project. A dim-witted candidate in this skill might defeat the target to build a specific and crucial app.

Follows Agile Frameworks

Agile project management frameworks are picking up pace today. You will benefit to a great extent by hiring an Android app developer who makes use of an Agile framework for your venture. A candidate with this prowess is likely to deliver timely, relevant, and accurate results with the app development project.

Some of the popular Agile frameworks are Scrum, Kanban, and Lean. These technologies have proved to be effective for a software development exercise, which is enough reason why you ought to seek an Android Developer with this capability.

Has a Strong Portfolio and a Positive Track Record

For your brilliant venture, you should hire someone with a proven track record to support their skills. A candidate who has already explored the challenges of building an excellent Android app is likely to consume less time and can limit their mistakes during the interim of the project.

You must get to know about their commitment and experience to their job through a portfolio. Scrutinizing the same will also give you the window to check the clients with whom they have worked in the past. Their reviews and testimonials might give you an insight into the capability of the candidate and their past performance.

Provides Post Launch Support

You may not want to land yourself unsupported once your app is launched. Ideally, you must hire an app developer who is willing to support your project, even after the launch of the app. Sometimes, apps fail to meet Google play store guidelines, which is why they are rejected for launch.

Additionally, an app may face glitches and shortfalls on many technical aspects. These critical points can be tended to only by the app developer, who knows their way in and out of the app.

In Conclusion

As a recruiter, you would be playing safe with an understanding of some crucial points. When hiring an Android Developer, start by learning about the tech experience involved in developing an app. References from people in the same field might also help you locate the right sources of cooperation.

By hiring an Android app developer, you stand to gain many benefits for your project. Being open-source, the platform does not demand payment of additional licensing fees.

You will be able to pick the best software engineers for hire if you can articulate a well-written plan, describe the functionality of the app to the developer and clarify what and how you expect the app to do for its users.

With the number of software developers increasing every day, a specific tactic to hire the right talent makes sense. Use the tips given above to find the perfect fit for your company.

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