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7 “Not So Common” Tips to Manage a Remote Team That Works From Home

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Having a remote team that works from home is not a new practice in the business sector. Many businesses have been managing a remote time even before the global lockdown. The idea of managing resources without having a proper workspace sounds a bit difficult. Still, the truth is that if anything, it is a modern solution in the world of entrepreneurship. 

Here are some tips that are not very common but are very useful:

Don’t Forget They Deserve Appreciation 

Every employee needs a dose of motivation every now and then. Make sure that you give them a virtual pat whenever you like their work, or they meet their targets. It encourages employees to work harder. Encourage anonymous discourse in case any of them is facing an issue and is too afraid to discuss it.  

Don’t Forget Any of Them 

As funny as it may sound to you, once your remote team grows in number, it is very likely that you can forget a member while sending out salaries or while adding people in a virtual conference room. 

Apart from this, you also need to remember that they are there working during the assigned working hours. So, make sure that you are also there for them during those hours to answer their queries as quickly as possible. If you have to leave, don’t forget to inform them. If you have to go out of town, then assign them the work beforehand so that you don’t miss any deadline.

Make Them Feel Like a Part of a Team 

It is very important that your remote employees feel that they are a part of a team and not taking a solo flight. It helps to create environment productivity. Above all, it makes it easy for you to interact with them. 

It can be easily managed for an in house team by arranging certain kinds of activities. But, when it comes to a remote team, you may think that there is no way for the team to bond. This is where you are wrong. You can celebrate the birthday of your remote employee on a video call along with other employees. Similarly, you can make chat groups where employees can interact with each other and bond. 

Have More Than Enough Contact Information 

Having phone numbers and email addresses of your remote employees is just not enough. You have to make sure that you have their physical address and you need to confirm if it’s legit or not as well. Also, ask them to give you a contact number in case of an emergency. For example, the numbers of family members or a friend. Don’t forget to confirm if those numbers are working or not. 

By having only basic contact information, you are limiting your chances of contact in case of an emergency. 

Ping Them Unannounced 

Unlike an office, you can’t pop in to check on your employees when you are managing them remotely. You can, however, give them an unscheduled call to check what they are up to during their working hours. 

It is obvious that they will be there for a scheduled call. However, during office hours, you should be able to reach them. If you are not able to contact them or if you hear sounds of the circus in the background, then you’ll know that they are definitely not working when they are supposed to. 

Know What’s Happening In their Area 

You need to make sure that your employees feel that you care about them. One way to make them feel that you care is to keep an eye on what is happening in their area. If a headline pops up about anything happening in their area, don’t forget to check on them. 

Not only will this make your employees feel good, but it’ll also do you a favor. You’ll know if your employees are making excuses or if they have legit reasons. 

Speak Up If Things are Not Going Well 

Lastly, if you think that it’s not going well between you and one of your employees, then you need to talk to them before you let them go. Give them fair warning, and if even after that it doesn’t work,  don’t take long to excuse them. 

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