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How to Optimize Your Twitter Account to Get Real Followers

“How many Twitter followers do you have?”

That question has always been a concern for almost all the organizations who are involved in social media marketing. Twitter, as we all know, is a powerful social media platform that has been there in the global market for the past fourteen years. And since its inception, it has been performing very efficiently to cater to all the needs of its users. Twitter has the potential to connect us with a large audience base located at different places seamlessly. You can market your product and services effectively by using some visuals or efficient words, and hashtags, and you are all set to go! At Least that’s how many businesses have profited from this amazing social media platform.

As of 2019, Twitter had almost 330 million active users on its platform. However, despite such a huge follower-base, there are many businesses that fail dramatically in attracting users to their Twitter page. Why? Reasons may be lack of good content, poor visuals, less engaging strategy, use of inappropriate hashtags, and so on. But, whatever it is, all the problems definitely have solutions, at least in the case of increasing Twitter followers. And that’s what today’s article talks about – how to optimize your Twitter account to get real followers! Read on to know more.

What can Twitter do for you?

Now, the first question that may arise in the minds of a few people is why do we need more followers? Or, how can more followers affect my services and business? Well, those are some questions one might have and is absolutely normal. We will give you answers to those questions!

Twitter is today’s most used and trending social media platform and is leveraged by almost all the people of the global market. Be it businesses, institutes, healthcare organizations, students, or even a normal person sitting in his/her home, everybody is present on Twitter. With such a huge community, it becomes a seamless task to market your products or services or to make people more aware of your brand. That’s why many businesses, to be precise, almost 67 percent of total B2B companies avail Twitter as a digital marketing tool. 

And if you are thinking that Twitter is only filled with students or a group of people that are social media addicts, then maybe you need to think again. As per a report by the Pew Research Centre, most Twitter users in America are well educated with salaries of $75,000 or more per year, which makes it a spectacular platform for attracting new business clients. The stats mentioned above make it clear that marketing on Twitter is not mere socializing but a robust approach that enhances your marketing efforts. And it is certain that if anybody is following your page, then they will surely visit your website to explore more about you and your products/services. That in turn will increase the organic traffic on your site, and who knows, may give you future clients and customers as well! 

Hence, it becomes of utmost importance to optimize your Twitter account to get more followers and maybe future leads and customers. 

But, how do we do that? Luring followers and retaining existing followers is a mind-boggling task, and takes much time and resources. Well, what if I say you can actually increase your followers without investing much of your time and resources! That would be amazing, wouldn’t it? So, read the article to the end to discover secret tips and tricks that you can implement in your Twitter social media strategy to get more followers.

8 Best Steps to Get More Twitter Followers in 2020

1. Write an Engaging Twitter Bio

The first and the foremost aspect that needs to be addressed is an engaging Twitter bio. And trust me, that’s way more critical than most of us think it is. Your Twitter bio is an amazing opportunity for users to know who you are and what you deal in. Furthermore, your Twitter bio also gives people a reason to follow you. So, try to make your Twitter bio as beneficial and engaging for the users out there as possible so as to increase your followers. Try to add lines that can help them to understand you and your work in a more efficient way. Also, don’t forget to add keywords related to your niche to attract the right kind of audience to your Twitter account. Keywords really help to showcase your Twitter account in front of the audience that is interested in your products or services. So, all in all, optimize your Twitter bio to lure the perfect audience seamlessly.  

2. Optimize Your Posting Time

The next big thing that should be kept in mind while targeting more followers is to optimize your posting time. Now, you need to know that there’s a particular time for every social media platform when users are highly active on it. In other words, during the day, there’s a particular time when most of the users of a particular social channel are active on the platform. What does that mean? How can it benefit you? Well, if you look closely, you will realize that it’s a huge opportunity for you to get more likes and views on your posts. Meaning, if you post during that optimal time when most users are active on Twitter, then chances are high that you will get more likes and views on your post. However, the optimal time is different for different locations, and you need not sit the whole day in front of your screen waiting to update your post at that optimal time. Instead, you can schedule your posts so that they reach more people at the correct time.  

3. Add a Twitter Badge to Your Website

Linking your website with your Twitter handle can also work wonders in increasing your Twitter  followers. 

In fact, many leading brands and retailers have actually done that and the results they got were super amazing. The logic behind it is pretty simple. We know that you worked hard on creating the most user-friendly and engaging website, and you might be getting enough traffic too! However, in today’s modern-times, most people are engaged on social media and what they see there becomes a trend. In other words, making anything popular involves presenting it on social media platforms. So, when you link your Twitter account on your website, your visitors will automatically visit your profile and eventually may hit your follower’s list. So, add your Twitter button in your header, sidebar, footer, or on any optimum location of your website. Here’s an example of how the leading software engineering firm Matellio.Inc has done that:

4. Post Visual-Rich Content

Now, if you not only want to lure new users to your Twitter account but also want to retain  existing users, then posting good-quality content is the key. You need to ensure that everything that goes to your Twitter wall has something meaningful and engaging for your users. It can be anything like a blog, a video, or an image with some text, but it should be engaging and useful to your followers. Although you can try experimenting with different sorts of content, keep it simple, short and include at least one image because, as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words of text.  

5. Eliminate Automated DMs

With the introduction of AI in the global market, things have become more and more automated, and Twitter is no exception. Today, many organizations and some famous personalities utilize this amazing technology to respond to the queries or messages that their followers send. However, if you really want to connect with your audience and want to get more followers, then you should eliminate automated DMs. Meaning, if any of your followers sends a message or raises a query, answer them personally. You can even hire a dedicated person to  handle your social media account, but don’t use automated DMs because first, they do not sound human, and secondly, they might not solve the user’s problem as satisfactorily as a human. So, try to connect with your followers as much as you can because, if they get a proper response, then they might suggest their friends to follow you. 

6. Run a Contest

Now, you might be thinking, how can you run a contest on Twitter to gain more followers. In today’s highly competitive world, nearly all organizations are using some strategies to gain more popularity and eventually more business. So, you need an exclusive strategy that none or few companies have used, and running contests on social media platforms is very effective. To do that, you simply have to look for an engaging topic that your followers are interested in. You can even run a contest based on your popular products or services or even a new product that you want to market. Next, you need to prepare the contest guidelines and should select a prize, be it cash rewards, gift hampers, or even a shoutout. That way, more and more people will actually enjoy being your followers and surely recommend your page to their friends.  

7. Leverage Relevant and Amazing Hashtags

Hashtags are crucial for optimizing your posts and Twitter account. Imagine this situation, you are posting an update about a mobile app that your company has launched recently. It’s a food-delivery app. Now your followers may find that post in their feed, but what about other Twitter users. How can they find your amazing post that would compel them to follow you? That’s where hashtags come into play. When you put relevant hashtags in your posts, then your posts  are automatically displayed when a user searches for that particular hashtag. For instance, if you post about a food-delivery app, and a user searches for the same on Twitter, then the search results automatically display all those posts that have food delivery hashtags. So, in short, try to add relevant and trending hashtags in your post to make them more user accessible.     

8. Analyze Your Twitter Account 

Last but not least, analyze your Twitter account to get more detailed information about the performance of your marketing strategy. Implementing a planned strategy, posting high-quality content, and including visuals is a good technique to lure more users. However, it is still crucial to analyze your social account to obtain details like the engagement ratio, the reach of your post, the number of likes and shares, and so on. These metrics will help you to know what type of content is most liked by users, what type of content needs improvement, and what you should eliminate from your strategy. In short, analyzing your account will let you know what works best and what needs improvement. Leverage analyzing tools to get a detailed view of your account and strategy. 

Final Takeaway! 

To conclude, we can say that the world is changing at a much faster pace, and so are consumer needs. What was once trending has become a thing of the past today and new things have emerged on the global platform. Social media, which was once considered a platform for socializing, is benefiting a lot of companies today in promoting their brands across the globe. 

And that’s where the benefit of having more followers comes into play! If you have more followers, then eventually, your brand will grow and will surely become more popular globally. Your products will be more discoverable and your services will be leveraged by more users. So, follow the above tips and, if you have anything in mind related to increasing Twitter followers, do let us know. Till then, Happy Tweeting!

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