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5 Things That Indicate Your Wi-fi Router Has Superpowers

What if we told you that your wi-fi router deserves a superhero movie of its own? Find out why we think that a wi-fi router is nothing less than our savior.

A wireless router or a wi-fi router is an enchanting device. The device makes it possible for you to connect to high-speed internet wherever you are as long as you are in range, without the need for any cable. This allows you to do so many things.

Wi-fi routers are commonly used to connect smartphones to the internet. But there are many other mysterious uses of a wifi-router that most people are not aware of. It can communicate through walls. It can protect your family. More uses will make you think that your wi-fi router indeed has superpowers. 

Here are the five uses of your wi-fi router that are no less than superpowers.

1. Your phone as a remote control

With the help of a WiFi network, you can use your good old smartphone as a remote control for your other electronic devices like the TV or the AC. The list of accessories also includes your electric car if you have one!! There are various apps for both iPhones and Android phones that make this function possible. Many device manufacturers also develop apps for their smart devices that can be installed on your phone for free. 

Now you can stream whatever you are watching on your laptop or your smartphone directly on your TV. You do not need a USB drive, an HDMI cable, or a giant DVD collection.

2. Print from anywhere

When all your devices are connected to wi-fi, you can send documents to your printer from any computer or smartphone from anywhere. You do not need to connect a printer to the exact processor you are working on. This way, you can directly print a document or a photo you have received on your phone without transferring it to your PC. You can even print big files from your phone with the help of Dropbox.

3. Share files between devices

No other technology even compares to the speed of file transfer that a wi-fi network offers. The Mobile web is too slow, and Bluetooth is an outdated technology when it comes to file transfers. 

When two devices are connected to a wi-fi router and paired up with a good WiFi booster app, you can transfer large movies or files with GB sizes within seconds.

You can also play music on any speaker that is connected to the wi-fi router, whether it is related to your smartphone or not. You can even call people and talk without holding a phone to your ear.

One unutilized use of this technology is with digital cameras. While connected to wi-fi, you can directly display your photos on TV without the use of any cables or transferring photos first to a pen drive. Imagine a guest who came to visit you to show some of their pictures of their recent trip. But to watch those photos and videos, you have to first connect the camera to your laptop and transfer photos to a USB flash drive before connecting to the TV. The whole process is just too long and cumbersome. It drains all the excitement away.

4. Stream high-quality content

A Wi-Fi router scores big points over a cellular connection with its speed. This speed allows you to stream high-quality videos and play online games without lag. Only a pro-gamer knows how frustrating it is to lose progress in the middle of a mission or a raid because of a slow and unreliable network. Even if it only happens occasionally, it’s a big nuisance. A wi-fi router ensures your gameplay is latency-free.

A high-speed internet connection does not slow down like a cellular connection because of too many users. This is because of its high bandwidth. You can depend on your network to stream movies and videos in full-HD mode. You can directly stream high-quality films from HBO Go, Netflix, Hotstar, and videos from Youtube, on your TV, laptop, or smartphone.

5. Security

This is one of the lesser-known, or used, applications of a wi-fi router. You can connect safety and security devices like closed circuit cameras and alarms to your wi-fi router. Whenever they detect motion, they can alert you on your phone, in addition to raising an alarm. An app like ‘growl’ sends mobile alerts whenever your cameras fire up.

This is particularly useful whenever you are not at home, or you have left kids at home while shopping. You can always keep an eye on the happenings of your home remotely.

Another “discovery” recently made and demonstrated by engineers is that a wi-fi router can detect how many people there are in a room. Wwi-fi signals are electromagnetic and have different properties while traveling through various objects. Human bodies are 2/3rds water. This significantly reduces the signal strength of the wi-fi router. However, this has not become a consumer technology feature yet. But who knows, soon you may be able to find out how many people are inside your house when you are away.

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