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Artificial Intelligence in Content Creation (For the Panic-Stricken and Terrified Content Creator)

Are you scared to death whenever you read or hear about artificial intelligence being used in content creation?

With such powerful technology, it’s possible it might make your blood run cold. You have all these questions racing in your mind. Will machines in the future produce content? Will my content creation job become obsolete?

The bad news, computers are already producing content.

The good news, you can still keep your job.

Generally, AI is already impacting digital marketing. This technology is already being used to predict your prospects’ actions, and help them take a step further in their buyer journey.

So how does it affect content creation?

In this post, we will try to understand what the future holds, and what that means for content creators. Let’s dive in.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is simply the science of making computers smart to be able to perform tasks that were previously done by humans. With AI, computers are able to learn from data and apply that knowledge to perform human-like tasks.

For instance, the auto-suggestion feature on your phone when you text, or the content that Netflix suggests that you watch, that’s AI in action. It’s impacting our lives in more ways than we can imagine.

What is Content Creation?

Content creation is the continuous development of valuable information that communicates and engages with an audience. The content could be infographics, articles, podcasts, or even videos.

So, where does AI apply?

Let’s look at that next.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Content Creation

Let’s be honest.

Creating valuable content is a challenging task. Consumers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. Simply, your audience craves personalized content.

With personalized content, it’s possible to connect deeply with an audience, and that’s the dream, right? The reason, with better engagement with your tribe, there’s an increased likelihood of your company’s profitability.

But, there’s a challenge.

The digital transformation happening all around us is producing tons of new data. Analyzing this large volume of information is what you need to create content that’s relevant to your audience . With humans, there’s a limit to the analysis possible.

This is where AI comes to the rescue. It can produce credible reports by analyzing large volumes of data within seconds.

AI will help you know who forms your audience, the personality traits of your audience, their preferred platform, and their favorite content. In other words, AI simplifies the content creation process by helping you understand the type of content that creates better engagement with your tribe.

Here are some of the ways AI is redefining content creation:

Bots such as Heliograf are being used to write articles. This Washington Post bot can write numerous articles ranging from politics to sports. Heliograf can examine sports scores and then create summaries of the games.

Grammar checking tools such as Grammarly make it possible to correct grammar, and suggest better ways to improve your writing. Tools like this speed up the writing process.

Wordsmith. This software translates data into a language understandable by humans. Wordsmith can be used to write product descriptions or even email copy. With the tool, you feed raw data and in turn it produces AI-generated content.

Quill. This is a tool that enables you to gain insights from data. Through analysis, Quill produces personalized reports in seconds.

Articoolo. It’s a content creation tool that aims to replicate the human brain. Articoolo writes like a human, first by understanding the context of a topic, then searching for relevant resources to finally come up with text.

Article Forge. This tool works just like Articoolo. You enter a keyword, the tool analyzes related information, and finally constructs a unique article.

And in case you’re wondering…

Will AI Replace Human Content Creators?

As previously said, people have unique tastes and preferences that change with time. You can’t nail this down with some formulas or algorithms. You need humans to understand it. You need humans to provide judgement and pack content with emotions.

On the other hand, AI helps automate repetitive tasks such as finding keywords, and scheduling when to post. As a result, AI frees up your time by giving you all the necessary data for better content production.

No one knows with certainty what the future will look like. What’s certain is that AI will only get better and we should be prepared to accept it as part of our life. Sooner or later, you will be using it more often to simplify the content creation process.

And yes, change is unsettling, but one thing is for sure…

You still matter as a content creator.

So go ahead, take advantage of artificial intelligence, and keep producing that magnetic content. Your audience will be grateful for it.

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