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5 Undeniable Reasons to Rent Home Furniture

When it comes home furniture, your money is at stake. Be it furniture for a new apartment or replacement for the old ones. And the most common question that pops up in mind while you’re setting-up a new home or refurnishing it, is – Whether to Buy or Rent Home Furniture? You might not have been sold the idea of getting home furniture on rent till now but you know that buying good furniture means a big investment. You want to make a smart choice and we are here to help you with that!

While you want to save bucks on furniture, you also do not want to compromise on the quality and standard of the furniture. Another question that can put you in a dilemma while thinking about renting is why pay the rent for the furniture without owning it. But there’s much more to it. The decision of buying and renting furniture depends on which stage of life you’re in, how long will you be staying at the place, will you move after getting a new job or a transfer etc. If your life is always in transition then getting your furniture on rent makes much more sense than buying everything. Still hesitant and thinking if it is a good idea? Don’t worry, we understand the struggle and will help you decide.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent Home Furniture!

Let’s put all your worries about renting home furniture to an end. Here are some undeniable reasons to why you should order home furniture on rent and why it is worth it!

  1. Renting Furniture Saves Money The biggest benefit of renting the furniture is that it is easier on your wallet. When you move, you are initially on a budget and buying furniture is a huge investment. It requires upfront payment, which not everybody can afford. Renting, on the other hand, is an affordable option. While renting furniture, you get to choose the quality as well as the duration of furniture rentals. Depending on the duration you’d be staying at the place, you can select the furniture rental plans.

    While you save the money by renting your home furniture, with Cityfurnish, you also save the money of delivery, pickup and installation. That’s right! You do not have to pay any extra charges for these services. Not only that, Cityfurnish also provides free relocation service if you move to any city where our services are available.

  2. Freedom of Choice When we are on a budget, there are certain limitations. But while renting furniture, you have the freedom to furnish your home the way you want. For instance, you can get the classiest living room furniture on rent to impress your guests. Or choose to decorate your study room and make it more organized with quality yet trendy study room furniture on rent, without having to worry about paying a huge amount. A luxurious life at home even on a low budget.

    Have a space in your home that you want to furnish in a certain way and make it look for aesthetically pleasing? Glance through our wide collection of home furniture and make your home a comfortable haven.

  3. Flexibility When you buy your furniture, it’s for a long-haul. You can not refurnish your home whenever you feel like, unless you have loads of money. But when it comes to renting, you can change your furniture style whenever you wish to. You never know, in a year or two, you might like something else and your style changes. When you choose to rent everything, you can completely transform your living space as pleased. Suppose you saw a new bed that you now want or your wardrobe requires more space, you can simply order the desired bedroom furniture on rent. Flexibility plays a major role when you’re moving to a different place too. You just have to edit your furniture rental plan, without any furniture burden weighing you down.

    We are here to make these transitions smooth and hassle-free. You can easily choose to swap your old rented home furniture items to any of the new listed products and we will move your furniture for you. We offer all bedroom, living room, study room and dining room furniture on rent. Browse through our website to select any of the furniture you wish you get delivered at your home and we will be at your service!

  4. Most Suitable for Temporary Arrangements When your work or lifestyle demands you to constantly move from one place to another, buying furniture does not make any sense. If you are only going to stay at your current location for a limited period, buying furniture would be hard to get rid of. You would either have to throw it out or re-sell it and even for that you’d have to find second-hand buyers. Moreover, for moving the same old furniture to a new place would require movers, which means additional costs.

    It’s not just for working class but also applies to college students. They rent a place for a temporary period and investing in furniture does not seem worth it. Which is another reason why renting furniture is a great choice. Knowing you can get rid of or change the furniture as per your requirements. You do not have to worry about selling and negotiating with buyers, with rented furniture. In addition to this, you do not have to pay for movers because we will handle the pickup and delivery for you!

  5. Maintenance and Damage Normal wear and tear of furniture after a certain period is bound to happen. When you buy a furniture, everything is your responsibility. You have to pay for its maintenance it there is any damage. While it’s claimed by some that renting furniture is more stressful because you have to be more careful as the furniture has to be returned, it is not true in our case.

    Let us take away your headache or stress of maintenance. At Cityfurnish, we offer damage and maintenance protection with the annual rental plans. We provide damage waiver, wherein, you do not have to worry about wear and tear or any accidental damage. Cityfurnish understands that there can be little clumsy moments sometimes, hence we do not charge any extra cost for the damage. Isn’t that great? You can easily avail our damage waiver benefit if you get home furniture on rent with Cityfurnish.

Why is Renting Home Furniture Worth it?

In today’s world, hording things is not an option. People are more inclined towards experiencing things rather than holding on to unnecessary things. The millennial culture is all about change. They are always on the move, looking out for opportunities which leads them to different places. Hence, with the constant moving, renting furniture is much easier and affordable for people. Instead of taking time out from a busy schedule to search for furniture or make heavy payments, everything can be rented online with just a few clicks. 

When you buy furniture, you have to search and shop for it, set up multiple deliveries as the products can be from different places. You may also have to assemble the furniture all by yourself, which can be hard. But on the flipside, you can browse all the things you need at Cityfurnish and get all the required home furniture on rent without any hassle.

Renting is especially more convenient for college students, living with roommates. It can be confusing while deciding who will bring which item of furniture. By renting the furniture, the rent can easily be split between the roommates and it can all be returned easily while moving out, without having think about how to get rid of the furniture.

Moreover, who doesn’t love a little extra something with the services or products they order? Here, just take a look at all the extra benefits you can avail while renting furniture with us. We are here to serve and fulfil your furniture requirements because for us, your satisfaction and positive response is important. There’s a lot more than free delivery, pick-up, installation and maintenance that we provide, which you can benefited from by ordering furniture for rent via Cityfurnish.

  • Free Cleaning Services – We talked about damaging and maintaining the furniture but what about cleaning? Cleaning your home is important and even though you clean it on a regular basis, deep cleaning from professional is still required once in a while. Get your unreachable areas of your furniture and upholstery fully cleaned. Cityfurnish is here to provide one free clean-up after completion of 6-month subscription.
  • Easy Relocation – When you decide to relocate, there’s a baggage of moving the furniture from old place to your new place. There’s a headache of packing and you also have to pay extra for the movers and trucks. But not with us! Need help with furnishing or moving the furniture? Our team will take care of it for you. If you relocate to the place where we operate then we will pick-up and deliver furniture to your new home without any extra charges. You can also choose to swap the furniture and get the new furniture pieces of your choice!
  • Mint Condition – While our products and services are of economical prices, we do not compromise with the quality of any of the products. All the products listed in our collection are of standard quality and are highly reliable. Therefore, rest assured because any of the product rented by you will be as good as new. We also do not use soft furnishing.

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