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Content Writing Tips to Boost Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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Whether you are about to start your own non-profit organization or are currently invested in a brand dedicated to being socially responsible, reaching new contributors and donors on the web is of utmost importance. After all, the ability to donate and pitch in with a cause someone believes in should be made available to anyone willing to go out of their way to help a cause they identify with. 

As such, writing content for your blog, social media pages and online news outlets is the top priority in terms of increasing donations. However, pitching your cause, its goals and the value of donating to someone on the other side of the world takes some finesse in terms of optimizing your approach to writing. With that in mind, let’s take a look at several practical content writing tips which will allow you to increase your reach and make your crowdfunding campaigns more successful.

Why Use Crowdfunding to Increase your Donations

Before we dive into content writing for increasing your donations, it’s worth noting why crowdfunding is a great way to raise funds for your project or cause. 

Acquiring capital for your project or a crowdfunding campaign can be difficult if you limit your options to B2B investments. Contrary to that, crowdfunding revolves around individual donations made by people from across the globe willing to pitch in and help your startup or company achieve its potential. 

According to Fit Small Business, 42% of funds are raised in the first and last three days of a crowdfunding campaign, making quality content writing a necessity rather than an option, with campaigns which raise 30% of their goals within the first week being very likely to succeed in their goals. As such, it allows for decentralized funding and the ability for anyone and everyone to join in on your project and become a stakeholder. That said, there are several concrete advantages to opting for crowdfunding in your fundraising efforts, including but not limited to:

  • Better public marketing and brand awareness
  • Early adoption and brand advocacy from project backers
  • Ability to prototype and demonstrate your project’s end results
  • Access to like-minded supporters with critical feedback and suggestions

Storytelling Works Wonders

One of the best ways to introduce your organization to potential backers online is through storytelling content. You can present your past activities, campaigns and public events with written posts accompanied by representative photos and videos as an efficient way to make your organization humane. 

Likewise, the stories of your staff and their journeys to and throughout your organization can also appeal not only to donors but also to future contributors. Tell stories through your written content rather than use them as straightforward marketing tools and you will undoubtedly experience a spike in donations going forward.

Social Proof & Testimonials

While showcasing your staff and NGO workers might ignite a spark of goodwill in the public, people in need will always be at the center of your organization. Showcasing the effects your previous crowdfunding campaigns have had on the world might be a great way to position your organization as a valued and trusted part of society. 

Your past contributions to individuals with issues can serve as great content for future fundraising. These activities can also be accompanied by short interviews or quotes from those you’ve helped with your donations, effectively solidifying your organization’s legitimacy in the eyes of potential backers.

Create a Social Media Presence

The most affordable and effective way to reach a global audience with your content writing is through social media platforms. 

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all enjoy a multi-billion following and are able to facilitate your campaigns better than any other paid promotion or technical content optimization.


One of the easiest ways to merge your content writing with an easy-to-share marketing strategy is to start a project on a reliable crowdfunding platform and simply share it with your social media followers. Make sure to create and verify your social media pages with your NGO’s name, branding and contact information prior to publishing any content aimed at raising funds for a cause. That way, you will add credence to your pages and ensure that no one can suspect fraud given the public nature of social media content publishing.

Utilize Content Creation Tools

When it comes to editing and formatting your content in terms of technical optimization, there are numerous tools and services available to you. In terms of writing itself, you can refer to platforms such as Grammarly in order to write and proofread your content prior to publishing. 

Creating appealing visual content such as infographics or videos, as well as presentations for your content can be done via Canva, while the right keywords can easily be discovered via Keyword Planner among others. Don’t simply write content in a local text editor and publish it without optimization or editing – even the slightest SEO or spellchecking will allow you to rank higher and attract a much bigger audience to your crowdfunding campaign.

Legalities & Organization’s History

The closing paragraphs of your content writing are just as important as the opening lines, given that they will affect the lasting impression your online readers will have of the company you represent. 

While not critical to your crowdfunding campaign’s success, the inclusion of your legal information and history of operations and development in the closing segment or footnote of each content piece can indeed turn the tide in your favor. 

Simple statements such as “30 years ago we started helping those in need – and we continue to do so today” can help attract donors and interns to your organization given the credibility these statements can add to your company. Likewise, you can create content pieces which will exclusively delve into your organization’s history, values, mission statements, founders and other elements which may be interesting to individual donors as well as companies and investors looking for projects to donate to.

Leave the Door Open (Conclusion)

The truth of the matter is that not everyone who comes across your content writing on the web will have monetary funds available for donations to your cause. That said you should always leave the door open for food, clothing and other physical donations, as well as contributors to your company. 

At the end of the day, you could easily come across designers, writers, email marketing experts or social media managers willing to pitch in and elevate your marketing presence on the web pro bono, should they identify with what you do. Write the content you would like to see as a potential donor and you will undoubtedly attract like-minded individuals, groups and contributors to donate to your cause.

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