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3 Ways to Market Your Toll-free Phone Numbers

To attract the right customer group — the ideal audience for your product or service — you need to revise your marketing efforts. Most businesses don’t pay attention to the power of a toll-free phone number and how it can impact customer retention. Here we will look at 4 practical and helpful ways to market toll-free numbers.

Why Should You Market Your Toll-Free Business Number?

Toll-free phone numbers are universally associated with large establishments. And so, having a toll-free business number demonstrates your company’s rank and credibility. This is something that customers and prospects should know as it can influence their level of trust in your products and services. Knowing that you are making it free for them to contact you is a big plus point in their books. And so, you must market your business number every chance you get. This will boost your incoming call rate, drive more interested individuals to connect with your business, and ultimately, make purchases.

So, what are some effective ways to market your toll-free phone number?

1. Online Ads and Social Media Marketing

Definitely consider digital and social media marketing as an avenue to attract customer attention. It is a fact that most prospects are searching on the internet or scrolling through social media platforms for product reviews and services. 

Having your toll-free number advertised and promoted here can be highly beneficial. Make sure your number is visible on all your social media platforms and appropriate posts. Additionally, use click-to-call (CTC) buttons available on certain social media platforms to promote easy-calling. With these “call now” buttons, customers simply have to click or tap them to place a call to your business, making it easier for them to connect with you.

Also, consider advertising your number through Google Ads’ “call-only” ads. These are sponsored ads that appear above search results for specific keywords. You can choose keywords most relevant to your business and bid on them, then your ad will be displayed above search results when visitors type the keyword. You can advertise the toll-free number here as well as place a “call now” button so that mobile users can call you instantly.

2. Enter Multiple Local Markets Across the World

Thanks to advancements in telecommunications, you can now get international toll-free numbers for countries across the world. For example, offers toll-free numbers for more than 140 countries in the world. And so, your business can enter local markets of neighboring countries and expand its reach. This will help you advertise in local directories and gain more customers. You can also advertise toll-free numbers for select countries on your website so that visitors can see how global your business’ reach is.

3. Consider Getting a Vanity Number

Lastly, you may consider investing in a vanity number to attract more customer attention. Vanity numbers are telephone numbers with letters or patterns inserted to make them more memorable and attractive to customers. These numbers are easier to remember than standard, regular business numbers. For example, 1-800-GOFEDEX or 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-CALL-LEE. This is a good way to market your brand by inserting it within your telephone number. These numbers are available to purchase from virtual phone service providers, however, they are often slightly more expensive than regular toll-free numbers.

Closing: The Power of a Good Business Number

Toll-free business numbers can do a lot to draw customers to your business. After all, that is their main attraction: giving customers a free way to call. And so, using that to your advantage can help you bring in more clients and sell more products. Start by marketing your toll-free numbers the right way today!

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