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Oculus Rift S Extension Cables

Oculus Rift S Headset

Oculus VR is one of the most known brands for VR gaming, and so far they placed two generations of VR headsets on the market in the last seven years. Oculus Rift S is their second-generation VR headset released on March 20th, 2019, and it’s basically an upgraded Oculus Rift CV1. Probably one of the best things about this headset is its price of $399, the same price tagged on the first generation Rift CV1. Having a relatively low price on the set and low PC requirements to run it, it really makes it one of the cheapest and easiest ways to enter the PC VR.

Oculus Rift S offers improved optics with higher pixel density for less screen-door effect, improved Fresnel lenses, and new ergonomic touch with an adjustable halo headband design that is not the most comfortable one but with decent weight distribution it gives good experience while using it for a longer time. Before analyzing downsides of this headset one of the most important things to point out is the Oculus store that both Rift and Rift S share, so if you want to switch from Rift to Rift S you get all the content.

Oculus Rift S Accessories: Extension Cables

If we are going to analyze the downsides of this headset we could argue that the integrated headphones and microphone could be done quite better and that it’s asking additional investment in that part, but in general, the major downside of this headset just like every other headset is their limitation of mobility when being cable connection device. When you are enjoying your time in the VR world, the last thing you want to worry about is to get tangled with the cables in ‘the real world’, so before Oculus Project Santa Cruz (wireless version of Rift) comes to life, probably the best thing to do is to invest into extension cables.

Cable Matters USB to USB Extension Cable (USB 3.0 Extension Cable)

Cable Matters USB to USB extension cable is a multipurpose high-performance extension cord that comes in three sizes: three feet, six feet, and nine feet. It is a universal USB 3.0&2.0 compatibility for VR headset, USB hub, hard drive, card reader, keyboard, and mouse. USB 3.0 data transfer is super speed and it rates up to 5 Gbps which is 10x faster than the USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 2.0/1.x). Quality of material and design offers durability and error-free data transmission which is amazing for a $7.99 USD extension cable.

Cable Matters USB to USB will work flawlessly on your Oculus Rift S, without affecting the stability of your tracking. If you are looking for extra reach you should go with the nine feet cable, and even if you don’t need that much of the reach investing into a cable is a great way to protect your ports from any tugs.

Rankie DP Extension Cable

Rankie DP Extension Cable transmits high definition audio and video from computer to monitor mostly for gaming or video streaming. It supports video resolutions up to 4K, 3840×2160, Ultra HD, and it offers flawless audio pass-thru. This trendy DisplayPort male to female extension cable comes in one size of six feet at the price of approximately $8 USD. Superior cable performance and reliable connectivity are ensured with gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, and foil & braid shielding.

This cable works perfectly with the Oculus Rift S and setting it is easy: plug the male cable ends from the Rift into the female ends on the extension cables and then plug the extensions into your PC. You won’t have any issues with signal degradation or perceivable input lag.

Cable Matters DisplayPort to DisplayPort Extension Cable

Cable Matters DisplayPort extender cable also transmits high definition audio and video from your computer to your VR headset. DP extender cable supports video resolutions up to 4K (3840×2160) including 1080P (Full HD) and flawless audio pass-thru. There is certainly a standard when it comes to manufacturing materials as the material used is the same as with Rankie DP: gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, and foil & braid shielding. It comes in three sizes: three feet, six feet, and ten feet at the price of approximately $12 USD.

Using a three-foot and a six-foot extension should do the work without any problems, and if you don’t have enough USB port power you shouldn’t consider purchasing a ten-foot extension cable.


Investing an extra $10 on average in an extension cable for your Oculus Rifts S really seems like a smart investment because not only that you get extra maneuverability but you are taking care of potential tugs on your ports, so why not spend a little extra since you already spent $400. Quality of the cables is on the top level and the only thing to consider is the length of the cable since it seems to be an issue with the 10 foot long ones if you don’t have enough USB power, so before making a purchase do your research and check which one is the best fit for your computer.

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