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Pro Guide: How To Increase YouTube Views

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When it comes to reaching as many people as possible YouTube is the mega-marketing tool, that one utilised correctly, can earn you huge turnover. In this article, I will be giving you all the tips and tricks the professionals are using to increase their YouTube views and make money. 

Let’s get right into it. 

YouTube SEO:

Nearly two billion people log into YouTube every month. If you want your channel to grow into the six figures you will have to use every strategy you have. SEO is a great way to drive traffic and increase your rankings on SERPs so your videos get noticed and watched before your competitors. This translates into:

  • More watch time
  • More subscribers
  • More revenue
  • More engagement 
  • Higher organic rankings

To do all of this and more you will need to optimize your visibility and channels about page. Adding links to any products and services you talk about is also important. Don’t forget that videos are visual content they require interest, likeability, and CTAs, so your viewer knows what to do next. Some examples of this may be, to click Like, Subscribe, Hit the Bell, or check out another video. 

Another important feature are clicks. Using keywords correctly and optimising your video titles will bring you traffic and impressions. Don’t forget views – these directly affect your visibility and popularity. 

Buy Real Youtube Views

Views can be affected by ranking as well as competitor research but if you want a real leg up you can buy real YouTube views. Before you raise your eyebrow, this is actually 100% legal and encourage and part of YouTubes terms and conditions as it benefits everyone. 

To make your channel grow you can purchase views that will get you to the top of the list on YouTube. The more views the more visibility and the more visibility you have the better. make it easy by offering different choice based on your budget. You can purchase one thousand views or one hundred thousand views and everything in between, They offer fast delivery and incredibly affordable pricing. 

Quick pro-tip. Don’t pay some random agency to build your views. You will need to use a service that can deliver High Retention YouTube Views. These are views that will look at your video for longer creating authenticity so your channel climbs in ranks but doesn’t suffer any penalties. Unfortunately, you may see other services out there offering YouTube views only to purchase them and get shut down quickly because they were not using longer time extensions as well as random time watch to avoid penalty. 

Wrap Up

Whether you are just getting started on YouTube or you are looking to expand your reach with an already popular channel, using these pro tips will give you the boost your and your channel need. Utilising SEO strategies is a great way to get ranked on SERPs and beat out competitors with carefully considered keywords and other SEO tactics. Purchasing legal and helpful YouTube views can also offer you the jump you need to take your channel above and beyond! 

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