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10 Effective Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Small Brands

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Reaching potential clients has become easier than ever. With several social networking sites, you can communicate with an overseas client, who might be interested in your service or sell a pair of trendy sandals to a customer on the other side of your country. 

You can find plenty of examples of individuals who didn’t only use social media for socializing but have built an empire through it.

Once your business makes it to the social platforms, it can skyrocket revenue in a surprisingly short time. If done right, you can tell your story to the masses and build lasting relationships. However, if you don’t use it in the right way, it can backfire making you lose your prospective clients and brand individuality.

Not to mention, no one wants to explore the downsides of promoting a small brand on social media. That is why we are presenting effective ways that will help you promote your small brand on social networking websites with ease. 

1. Find your Platform

Finding your platform means you have to look for a social website where your target audience is most active. If it is Instagram, then try to dominate on the platform. However, you need to observe the activity or engagement across the platforms to find that one platform. 

Once you find it, create a proper strategy to promote your small brand on it. From content to interaction, include everything that encourages your audience to connect with your brand. 

Also, dominating one social website doesn’t mean ignoring other profiles. Create your business account on other social websites as well and maintain a moderate presence.

2. Craft your Content as per Audience

It might save you time to write one copy for your all networks, but, it won’t bring the benefits you are hoping for. This is because your LinkedIn audience is most probably different from your Facebook followers. 

You can tackle the content part quite smartly if you observe what makes your audiences different. Plus, you can go for tones, writing style or even vocabulary that you don’t use regularly. This tiny experiment will tell you which type of vocabulary is working for you on a certain profile. 

For instance, if you are connected to potential clients on LinkedIn, you need to keep your tone professional. For the people on Snapchat, we’d recommend engaging the younger audience with fun memes and gifs. 

Although you can keep your images and videos the same for profiles, you need to pay special attention to copy.

3. Keep your Goals Clear

No doubt, promoting your small brand on social media seems lucrative. However, it demands your time and sometimes money too. Before you invest any of those, be clear on what you want to achieve – leads or sales? Or, you are going to target both? 

You also need to track and measure results so it’s wise to keep an eye on the algorithms of each platform. Moreover, it’s imperative to observe the progress of the strategies you follow. 

For example, as a small brand owner, if you pay for an advertisement on Facebook, you should compare spent money with sales or leads to get an idea of whether it was a good decision or not.

4. Recognize your Mentors

Social media is an amazing way to tell the world about people who have inspired you to create your brand. It allows you to build connections in a meaningful way.

 If you follow the footsteps of certain influencers in your field, social media will not only help you to connect with them, but it will also provide an opportunity to thank them for being an inspiration. 

So, you can follow their profiles, share their approaches and whatnot. Who knows, they might respond and extend their support someday?

5. Cross-Promote your Channels

It is necessary to remind your audience to follow your other channels as well. This cross-promotion helps in bringing traffic and revenue. So, don’t hesitate when it comes to sharing your other social media profiles with your audience.

 All you need to do is provide a link on any of your social networking sites and encourage your followers to follow it. Most of these platforms offer sufficient space for a bio. You can also use this space to link all your social media accounts for maximum benefit.

6. Go for Social-only Discounts

If you look around, there are plenty of ways to promote your business on social media and offering social-only discounts is one of them. This simple strategy is ideal to capture the attention of a certain segment of your whole target audience. 

To excite your followers, you can offer 10%, 20% or even 25% discount deals on different products or services. It will boost engagement and generate profit too. 

You can create a striking post and share it on your social media repeatedly until the offer ends. Also, you don’t need to share the offer across all platforms to track the audience that took the most advantage; you can simply post it on only one channel and get the figures.

7. Get in Touch with Influencers

There’s a huge community of influencers on every social media platform. Influencers are people with hundreds and thousands of followers. No doubt, some people look up to these influencers and make decisions based on influencer suggestions. 

Be it Instagram or YouTube, you will find plenty of verified accounts to work with. You can approach influencers and ask them to feature your product, service or mention your brand in any way that results in more and more people learning about you. 

When a social media sensation recommends your brand, you are likely to receive the response you deserve.

8. Create Visual Content

It’s imperative for your small brand to get as much attention as possible. Experts recommend using visual content as a part of your branding strategy to engage your audience. So, if your business deals with products, you can show off them through videos and photos. 

For a service-based brand, you can make visuals discussing how your service can help your viewer. Visually-oriented channels like Pinterest and Instagram are a great way to draw attention to your brand.

9. Hire a Social Media Expert

You may have heard about social media experts who work on these platforms and ensure that their client brands stay ahead of the competition. If you haven’t considered this option, maybe you should now. 

Social media channels like Facebook or Instagram make changes in their algorithm consistently. As a brand owner, you likely don’t have enough time to dedicate to manage your social media channels. 

So, it makes sense to handover certain responsibilities to a professional social media person to get the job done.

10. Stand out and be unforgettable

Social media is fun but strange. It is still going to benefit your brand even if you don’t follow what others do. Many experts suggest social media is personal first and a job second. 

So, don’t be shy when it requires showcasing your persona. You have to tell the world why you are different. 

When you rise above the noise and provide something genuinely unique, your small brand will stand out and as a brand owner, you will be hard to forget.

It is indeed true that social media can change the fate of your small business, but it doesn’t happen overnight. To become a well-known brand in your industry, we’d recommend:

  • Careful execution of the above promotional strategies
  • Consistency throughout your journey
  • Interaction with your audience and giving them the credit for your success

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